The Importance of Expert in an Accident Case

After being involved in a car accident, the primary concern for most people is their health. The other thing you’ll be worried about is the extent of damage to your vehicle and how to fix it. Proving a car accident claim is not easy and it’s even worse when you do not have the required information.

An expert witness can assist you to prove your claim if you lack the necessary data. That said, you should contact a skilled car accident lawyer in Wasilla if you’ve been injured in a Wasilla car crash. They help you with your next steps and help you answer any questions you may have.

What’s an expert witness?

Not anyone can just go to court or become a party to a trial to offer statements. To participate in legal proceedings, an expert witness must have the right qualifications to do so. But who is an expert witness? This term refers to a person who was at the scene of the accident when the event occurred. In other words, a witness is someone who saw the accident happen.

Going by the above definition, a witness can be anyone provided they were present at the scene of the accident when the accident occurred. This could be another driver or a pedestrian who was passing by. A witness should not offer their opinion, they only state the facts (what they witnessed). In other words, just the facts.

An expert witness and an ordinary differ. While an ordinary witness has no special skills, an expert witness has special skills, knowledge, and training that puts them in a good position to analyze the facts of an accident and offer expert opinions to the court, judge, or jury. Although expert witnesses are never present at the scene of the accident, they possess the right skills to evaluate an accident and make informed decisions.

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How can an Expert Witness Help Your Case?

Determining the at-fault party after an accident is typically difficult. Why? Because you’ll need to prove that the negligence of the defendant by:

·         Demonstrating that the defendant owed you a duty of care;

·         Demonstrating that the defendant breached their duty of care;

·         Proving that you suffered a loss; and

·         Demonstrating that the actions of the defendant resulted in your injuries;

Accidents typically involve standards and regulations that can be complicated for ordinary folk. That said, an expert witness can explain the difficult concepts of a case in a simple way that judges and jurors will understand. In other words, the opinion of expert witnesses’ helps jurors understand difficult facts of a case, such as who is at fault, the severity of injuries, and the applicable award. Lak of this information means that the jury cannot make an informed decision because they lack the relevant information to do so.

Types of expert witnesses

There are many types of expert witnesses depending on your case, including the following:

Accident reconstruction

Accident reconstruction experts help reconstruct a crash to help determine fault.


These experts demonstrate the full scope of the injuries suffered by the plaintiff and their current and future medical needs.


They demonstrate the mental and emotional loss suffered by the plaintiff after an accident.


They calculate all the financial expenses incurred by the plaintiff after the accident. This can include medical bills, lost wages, lost opportunities to earn, and more.

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They determine loss of earning capacity due to your injuries.

Roadway Design

They determine if the accident was caused by roadway defects or traffic signage defects;


They analyze whether mechanical failure or defect caused the accident.

Forensic Toxicologist

They establish whether alcohol or drug impairment is to be blamed for the accident.

Trucking Safety Investigator

They try to establish whether the vehicle was involved in previous safety violations.


This is a scientist who performs a failure analysis to determine whether load capacity caused the accident.


They analyze the corpse to determine the likely cause of death after an accident.

What an Expert Witness Can’t Do

Now you know who is an expert witness and what they can do, it’s also important to know what they can’t do. An expert witness is not permitted to:

  • Offer opinions outside of their area of expertise
  • Offer advice
  • Defend your case;
  • Negotiate for the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorney;
  • Act in a case where their conflict of interest exists
  • Work on conditional terms

Qualities of an attorney

The following are some of the good qualities of an attorney:

·         Role model behavior

·         Positive energy

·         Organization skills

·         Passionate

·         Excellent communicator

·         Attentive to detail

An expert witness can help your case significantly. That said, your injury attorney can advise you on whether you need an expert witness to resolve your claim.

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