The Job of Orthodontics

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Identifying issues with teeth and mouth

An orthodontist is an expert in diagnosing dental issues and offering solutions. A common problem is crowding of teeth, caused by inadequate jaw space. Crowded teeth can affect both the health of the gums and overall appearance of the smile. Additionally, they are harder to clean than straight teeth. A dentist can correct a child’s crowded teeth to make them more attractive and healthy.

Designing retainers

A retainer is an important part of the orthodontic process because it can help keep teeth from shifting. Orthodontists use custom-made retainers that are designed to fit the wearer’s mouth and teeth. Traditional plaster molds were used for this purpose, but now many orthodontists use digital scanners to create accurate retainers. Once the mold is complete, wires are fitted into the retainer to hold the teeth in place.

Orthodontic retainers come in two different types. The most traditional are the Hawley retainers. These are made of stainless steel and have wires that wrap around the teeth. They are then combined with an acrylic arch that rests against the roof of the mouth and allows for minor movements of the front teeth. While Hawley retainers are no longer the preferred choice of many orthodontists, they are still effective in some cases.

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Providing orthodontic treatment

The job of an orthodontist is to correct dental problems by providing proper alignment of teeth and jaws. This requires a wide variety of skills, including problem-solving. For example, an orthodontist may need to develop alternative treatment plans for patients who have dental allergies or complex dental conditions. They may also collaborate with other dental professionals to ensure that patients get the correct treatment.

Aside from correcting a person’s teeth, orthodontists can also treat a range of other oral health problems, including jaw pain and sleep apnea. Since every mouth is different, orthodontists are trained to provide a specialized treatment plan for each patient. During your initial consultation, they’ll assess your overall dental health, analyze your medical history, and develop a customized treatment plan. A mold of your bite will be taken so that your orthodontist can develop an accurate treatment plan.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary of an orthodontics Sweetwater TN can range from $78,000 to over $325,000 a year. The highest-paid orthodontists are found in California, Illinois, and Texas. On average, orthodontists earn between $106,125 and $154,462 per year.

Salaries for orthodontists are higher than that of other dental specialties. According to a recent survey by the American Dental Association, dental specialists earn a premium over general dentists. And orthodontists are among the highest-paid dental specialists.

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