The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins

In Black Ops 3 Origins, there are many powerful weapons to choose from. But which weapons are the most effective? The Ray Gun Mark 2, the MP40, the Wunderwaffe, and the ice staff code? Let’s find out. Let’s start by looking at the staffs.

Ray Gun Mark 2.

There are many different weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins. While the Ray Gun Mark II is far more powerful than its predecessor, you can still get a few benefits from the original. First, it reloads faster and has headshot multipliers. It also has a better range, making it more effective against panzer soldats and brutus. Secondly, it has more damage and can take down hoards of zombies. However, you need to be able to carry many rounds for this gun to be truly effective.

You can get the Ray Gun Mark II by completing tasks in the Buried map. Once you have it, you can upgrade it with Element 115 and tubing. The last two of these upgrades allow you to customize the weapon with even more options.

Other powerful weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins include the MP40 and KN-44. The latter are excellent for killing zombies, as they can be used to take out entire groups with just a few blasts. The MP40 is also effective for making points and can be upgraded with upgrade ammo.

Another powerful weapon is the Ray Gun Mark II. It fires a thin green bolt of electricity. Its Pack-a-Punch camouflage portrays the red blueprint of the weapon, while the Blackout variant uses blue lights instead. Its blast is the same as the normal Ray Gun, and the firing sound is similar to that of a normal Ray Gun.

Besides the Ray Gun Mark 2, Ice Staff Mark 2 is another powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins. It has an extremely high damage rate for headshots and is very fast to reload. You can upgrade it with different types of ammunition and improve its speed.

The MP40.

This submachine gun is chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. It was developed during the Nazi era and was used extensively by the Axis powers during World War II. However, it is not the only weapon to be used by a war hero. Other weapons, such as the RPGs, can also be used to help defeat your opponents.

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The MP40 is a submachine gun with a high rate of fire. It can also be upgraded for enhanced damage. It is a great weapon to use when you want to make quick points and is very powerful against zombies. You can equip it with a double tap to increase its effectiveness even further.

It has a long range and can be used in close combat. The MP40 can shoot bullets, shells and even explosives. It is available in the Zombies map “Revelations”. It fires from an open bolt and does not need to be cocked when it is empty. There is an animation in the game to help you replace the magazine.

The MP40 can be upgraded to “The Afterburner” in order to increase its rate of fire. This upgrade costs 4,500 points, but can be sold for much more. Whether it is for damage or ammo, the MP40 can be a great addition to your arsenal.

Whether you’re looking for the most powerful weapon, the MP40 will prove to be the best option for you. It can shoot bullets at all distances and is very effective at eliminating zombies. This weapon has an excellent rate of fire and is the fastest to reload. However, it cannot be upgraded through mystery boxes. Nevertheless, it is a great option for a war hero that wants to increase his damage.


In Black Ops 3 Origins, the Wunderwaffe is the new Wonder Weapon. Developed by Doctor Edward Richtofen, this weapon shoots a powerful electric current and is capable of killing up to ten zombies with a single shot. It is ideal for dealing with large numbers of opponents, but there are disadvantages.

Wunderwaffe DG-2, also known as the “Wonder Waffle,” is the most powerful weapon in Black Ops 3. It shoots bolts of lightning that can travel through large zombie packs and electrocute them. This weapon is so effective that players rush to the Mystery Box to get one.

In addition to Wunderwaffe, players can also use MP40, a submachine gun that is very effective for killing zombies. It can be upgraded with upgraded ammo, and has a high rate of fire. The MP40 also has a double tap, making it extremely effective for making points.

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While the MP40 is not the most powerful weapon in the game, it is effective for scoring points and is available off-the-shelf. The Wunderwaffe has an additional perk known as Wunderfizz, which increases your sprint speed and stamina regeneration. The Wunderwaffe can also electrocute zombies nearby.

The Staff of Lighting is another powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins. It can chain up to two zombies and kill them in one shot. It is the most efficient weapon for headshots and is also the safest. However, it requires three components, which can take some patience to get.

The Wunderwaffe is also one of the most versatile weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins. The pack-a-punch design allows players to run up rooftops and over obstacles, and they can avoid fall damage by firing the gun just before hitting the ground. The Wunderwaffe also has a slower overheat rate than the Thundergun, so it is recommended to use it with a vulture-aid to cool down safely.

ice staff code

One of the best ways to upgrade your weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Origins is to find Ice Staff Codes. These codes give you extra in-game currency and new and improved weapons. Moreover, you can get these codes without spending any money.

The staff is one of the strongest weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins, but not the most powerful one. It can effectively kill zombies, robots, and even Panser, but its limited ammo makes it useless for saving the world. Another standout weapon in the game is the PPSH. It is one of the best weapons for players with less than 350 kills. However, you can only find this weapon in Origins. Moreover, it is not upgradeable with mystery boxes or pack-a-punch.

In order to get this weapon, you must gather 3 items: a coloured disc, a black disc, and a gramophone. The blue disc can be found in a building next to Generator 2 next to the rear door. The other two parts are found in various locations in the game world.

Obtaining the Ice Staff code is an arduous process, but it can be done! It takes a while and patience, but once you have all the necessary components, you will be rewarded with an Ice Staff of epic proportions.

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The Ice Staff has many uses in the game. Having it in your inventory will save you a lot of energy, and you can also upgrade it to provide an additional 6% damage buff. This buff can be used in conjunction with ranged skills to increase your AOE. The Ice Staff can also help you crack riddles or break gravestones. However, it won’t slow zombies for long periods of time.


The PPSH is one of the most powerful weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins. It has a high damage output and a remarkable rate of fire, making it an excellent choice for taking down hordes of zombies. It is important to have plenty of ammo to use this weapon, however.

While the PPSH is the most powerful weapon in the game, it is not the best. There are a lot of powerful weapons in Black Ops 3 Origins, and some of them are overpowered. These weapons are often a part of Easter Egg steps, such as finding Samantha, which unlocks new items. You can also find staffs, such as the legendary Elemental Staff, which depicts the classical elements.

Another powerful weapon is the Wunderwaffe. This weapon uses electricity to electrocute zombies and can kill a zombie horde with just one shot. It has a small ammo pool and heavy recoil, but it is an excellent weapon in situations where you are outnumbered.

Aside from the PPSH, the Thompson M1921AC is also an incredibly powerful weapon in the game. It’s similar to the Reaper, but has higher damage, faster rate of fire, and more ammo. It is the most powerful weapon in Black Ops 3 Origins, and can kill almost any zombie in the game.

Aside from the PPSH, another weapon worth mentioning in the game is the XM-53 DF. It is an advanced machine pistol based on the VBR-Belgium PDW. It is the best choice for zombie killing and is also available in Zombies and Campaign modes. It can also act as a remote sentry gun.

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