The Summer Menu At Denny's Was Inspired By Internet Celebrities

The Summer Menu at Denny’s Was Inspired by Internet Celebrities


The year is 2022, and this summer Denny’s has become the place to be for anyone who want to make the most of the season. Diners will get the chance to try three delicious new items from the Social Stars Influenced Denny’s restaurant menu, which will launch on June 22 and run for a limited period.

So that their customers may enjoy a sweeter summer, Denny’s collaborated with Dmitri Robinson (@.Meech) and Kelz Wright (@kelz) to introduce a new item to their menu: the Short berry Dream Cakes grand slam pancake line up. These fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla cream, fresh strawberries, bits of a shortbread biscuit, and strawberry sauce are so delectable that you could mistake them for dessert.

Denny’s Offers One of the Most Tempting Flavor Combinations

By pairing the Short berry Dream Cakes with eggs, hash browns, and your choice of bacon strips or sausage links, Denny’s presents one of the most alluring taste combinations on the Denny’s menu: sweet and savory. The Short berry Dream Combo is a meal that combines two of our favourite flavours.

Need we tempt your palate any further? Refrain from unnecessary verbiage. With the help of The Rapping Chef (@ MRPYREX) and Grace Africa (@ Grace Africa), Denny’s created the Brisket-It-All Melt. Charred ends of slow-smoked brisket, chopped bacon, two eggs, sharp white cheddar, Diner Q sauce, and pickles top grilled artisan bread in this next-level melt.

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The Brisk-B-Q Melt Is a Little More Flavourful

The Brisk-B-Q Melt is the grand slam of Denny’s menu items and is sure to satisfy your need for a Denny’s specialty. Similar to the Brisk-It-All Melt, only without the bacon and eggs, this sandwich has slow-smoked brisket. Instead, it is served on grilled artisan bread with white cheddar, Diner Q sauce, and pickles, and accompanied with wavy-cut fries.

The Denny’s Grand Slam is the summer’s must-have sandwich, and it’s on the menu now. Denny’s has announced that they would “make this the most delicious summer ever” by providing their customers with “sweet strawberries” with their Short berry Dream Cakes and “a delightful picnic every day” with their Juicy Brisket Melts.

Sweet as a Dream Shortcakes Filled with Short berries

Networking Superstars at Denny’s Denny’s grand slam, the newest addition to the Denny’s Social Stars series, is based on the restaurant’s menu. The Denny’s Grand Slam menu comprises dishes created by 24 prominent TikTok designers who were recruited by the fast-food chain. From June 22 on, guests may buy these LTO specials at any Denny’s location in the United States, either in restaurant, online at, or through the brand-new Denny’s app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Brand Name: Denny’s Inc.

The Denny’s Corporation is responsible for the franchising and operation of one of the most prominent full-service restaurant chains in the United States. As of the 30th of March, 2022, Denny’s has 1,643 franchised, licensed, and corporate locations open across the world. The following 153 places in the following nations and territories made up this total:

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the United Kingdom, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Philippines, New Zealand, Honduras, the United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Guam, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the rest of Central America and the Caribbean. If you need any more details on the Denny’s network of restaurants, including press releases, you can find them on their website.

Pathways now includes Denny’s as a participant.

To promote black business ownership, Denny’s has joined the “Denny’s menu, Denny’s grand slam” program. Denny’s and the MFHA have worked together successfully for the last quarter of a century. Furthermore, Denny has only just joined the Pathways to Black Franchise Ownership coalition. The MFHA hopes to open 100 franchises owned by people of colour by the year 2023, and your support may help them do that.

The “Pathways” Program Promotes Black Entrepreneurship

Pathways is a program that supports black business owners, and Denny’s has just joined. By providing business entrepreneurs of African descent with resources and guidance. Their Denny’s menu must be a home run, so to speak. And it is the intention of the Pathways to Black Franchising initiative to effect such broad-scale changes. …and boost the Black community’s financial standing.

Studies by the Census Bureau and the International Franchise Association have shown. Among franchise company owners, barely 8% are people of colour. Denny’s, Denny’s, and the Grand Slam at Denny’s.

Shelter Providers’ Organization (Mfha)

Housing Association (MFHA) will work together to provide participants with specialized training, coaching, and mentoring in an effort to reduce the homeownership gap. And more resources to help them launch single and/or multiple franchise locations. If, despite all, it still wasn’t enough, let me explain. There are also curly fries included with the melt.

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Denny’s Has A Profound Dedication To Inclusion, Equity, And Diversity

Joining Pathways is the next step in Denny’s decades-long dedication to diversity, equality, and inclusion. For more than $2 billion since 1993, Denny’s has prioritized investments in minority-owned businesses. That includes hiring experts who run businesses owned by minorities. Such an action is only one way that Denny’s encourages supplier diversity.

Denny’s CEO John Miller has said, “in Denny’s, diversity, equality. And welcoming all people is fundamental to our company’s success. That goes for every part of our organization, from the board of directors to the franchisee association.

Diner’s will improve with the addition of new faces and ideas

Through our expanded partnership with MFHA, we want to help reduce the ownership gap between Black and non-Black company owners at Denny’s.

We consider it a great honor to be able to provide further opportunities for Black restaurant owners. Who are the groups who have been under-representational in the past? When Denny’s joined the MFHA’s Pathways program, MFHA President and Founder Gerry Fernandez couldn’t hide his enthusiasm.

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