The Top Outdoor Gear For Hikers And Backpackers In 2022

Hiking and backpacking are often exhausting activities that require top-notch gear. In any case, not all outdoor brands make excellent products. To help you narrow down the top-of-the-line hiking and backpacking products, we chose the 5 best outdoor brands for hikers and backpackers. The chosen brands vary from other outdoor brands by utilizing innovative technologies and making durable yet affordable products. Nevertheless, keep in mind that no outdoor brand succeeds in all portions of hiking gear; a brand that produces top-notch clothing rarely also delivers top-notch backpacks, as well as the other way around. To cover all sections of hiking and backpacking gear (e. g., clothing, footwear, packs, accessories, sleeping gear, and technical hardware), we included a variety of brands and explained what they excel at. Also, get a 30% discount using the Alpinstore Coupon Code while purchasing the outdoor and hiking gear and accessories.

Best Outdoor Brands of 2022 

1) Arcteryx

Arcteryx Cerium LT Hooded Down Jacket

Established: 1991

Headquarters: Canada

Produces: Clothing, packs, footwear, and technical gear

Succeeds at: 

  • Clothing (base layers, mid-layers, shells, and pants)

Arcteryx produces the largest range of products of all brands in this choice. It makes clothing, packs, footwear, and technical gear like climbing harnesses and ropes. Arcteryx is especially known for producing five-star clothing for outdoor sports. It offers various hard shells, all featuring Gore-Tex premium waterproof technologies (like Gore-Tex Pro). Arcteryx also produces quality footwear, backpacks, and climbing equipment. Insulated jackets from Arcteryx use either excellent Coreloft synthetic insulation or a combination of down insulation and Coreloft insulation. The brand always uses a small amount of Coreloft insulation in down jackets as Coreloft, in contrast to down, gives good warmth in exceptionally damp conditions. Arcteryx wool jackets are mainly made of Polartec soft material, while many of its (synthetic) base layers feature the exceptionally dampness-wicking Phasic fabric.,

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The best products from Arcteryx include:

  • The Beta AR rain jacket (included in our rundown of the Best Gore-Tex Jackets).
  • Gamma LT softshell jacket (included in our choice of the Best Softshell Jackets).
  • Cerium LT hoody (included in our rundown of the Best Down Jackets).

2) Osprey

Osprey Aether Backpack

Established: 1974

Headquarters: California, USA

Produces: Packs

Succeeds at: 

  • Packs (daypacks, backpacks, waist packs)

Osprey has been producing just packs for over four decades, and subsequently, it has dedicated a ton of assets to backpack research and innovation throughout the long term. Therefore, it’s nothing unexpected that it makes the top-of-the-line packs profoundly appreciated among hikers, backpackers, and mountaineers. Osprey packs are known for being light while providing great comfort and functionality (for example, by having very much placed pockets and attachment points). Osprey has patented several attachment frameworks, for example, the Stow-in a hurry trekking post attachment framework and the LidLock protective cap attachment framework. Osprey backpacks accompany different back panels (AirScape, AntiGravity, etc.), all offering great comfort and ventilation – in general, they feature a suspended cross-section fabric that creates a distance between the backpack and your back.

Their best backpack lines include the Aether line (corresponding with the ladies’ Aura line) and the Talon line (corresponding with the ladies’ Tempest line).

3) Lowa

Lowa Renegade Hiking Boots

Established: 1923

Headquarters: Germany

Produces: Footwear

Succeeds at: 

  • Footwear (hiking shoes, hiking boots, and mountaineering boots)

Since 1923, the German business Lowa has been making shoes for outdoor activities. Today it offers a wide variety of footwear, including everything from lightweight hiking shoes to technical boots for climbing the most impressive peaks. Lowa separates itself from other brands by equipping its shoes and boots just with polyurethane padded soles. Therefore, Lowa footwear is considerably more durable than boots and hiking shoes from other brands (read more about the advantages of polyurethane padded soles over EVA padded soles in our Hiking Footwear Guide). Other than that, Lowa boots are made with incredible accuracy and feature sophisticated material technologies, such as Gore-Tex, Vibram, etc.

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The Renegade assortment is one of Lowa’s ideal (included in our arrangements of the Best Hiking Boots and Best Trekking Shoes) and features both high-cut and low-profile boots/shoes with or without a Gore-Tex footbed.

Traveler set on white background isolated. Packing backpack for a trip creative concept.

4) Black Diamond

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Established: 1989

Headquarters: Utah, USA

Produces: Clothing, packs, technical hardware, asylums, and accessories

Succeeds at:

  • Technical hardware
  • Covers
  • Accessories

Black Diamond became famous for making top-notch climbing hardware in the last century. It has since expanded its product offering to hiking and backpacking gear and is now definitely perhaps the best outdoor brand. For the apparel, Black Diamond uses sophisticated materials, for example, Polartec downy, Gore-Tex, and Schoeller softshell fabric. In any case, their ability isn’t clothing yet technical hardware, havens, and accessories. Black Diamond makes the top-of-the-line climbing harnesses, caps, crampons, ice axes, and via Ferrata sets. The brand is also famous for exceptionally functional headlamps and lightweight trekking shafts. Sleeping hardware from Black Diamond is, be that as it may, more arranged towards mountaineering than backpacking – they make great bivy sacks and single-wall tents (read more about the distinction between single-wall tents and all the more generally used twofold wall tents in our Sleeping Equipment Guide).

The best products from Black Diamond include the Half Dome protective cap, Storm headlamp, and Trail Ergo trekking posts.

5) Petzl

Petzl Reactik Headlamp

Established: 1975

Headquarters: France

Produces: Technical hardware and accessories

Succeeds at:

  • Technical hardware
  • Accessories

French Petzl started as a manufacturer of caving hardware in the 70s however has since become famous for producing top-quality climbing and mountaineering gear. Today it offers many sophisticated caps, climbing harnesses, ice axes, crampons, Ferrata sets, and other climbing hardware. Additionally, Petzl produces very useful headlamps that use cutting-edge technology like reactive lighting (the headlamp analyses its environment and reflected light to express the best brightness and beam pattern) and constant illumination (the beam doesn’t dim as the battery level declines).

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The best products from Petzl (for hikers and backpackers) include the Actik Core headlamp (see Best Headlamps), Summit EVO ice ax (see Best Ice Axes for Hiking), and Leopard FL crampons (see Best Crampons for Hiking).

6) Garmin

Garmin GPSMAP 64st Handheld Navigation Device

Established: 1989

Headquarters: Kansas, USA

Produces: Navigation gadgets and watches

Succeeds at:

  • Navigation gadgets
  • Watches

Although Garmin isn’t only an outdoor brand, it produces exceptional handheld GPS gadgets and watches for hikers and backpackers. While the brand has an extreme rivalry with Suunto in the field of GPS watches, Garmin has no contest concerning handheld GPS gadgets. Garmin’s handheld GPS gadgets feature advanced technologies, for example, WAAS and Hotfix, and support the GLONASS satellite framework in addition to the GPS. Garmin also offers great planning software for creating courses and waypoints. In 2017, Garmin released the primary GPS watch to help actual topographic maps – the Garmin Fenix 5 watch with a 2-inch display. 

The best products for hikers and backpackers from Garmin are Garmin Fenix 7X GPS watch (see Best Hiking Watches) as well as the Garmin GPSMAP 64S handheld GPS gadget and Garmin eTrex 32x handheld GPS gadget (see Best Hiking GPS gadgets).

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