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Then he/she will be required to go through a road test

When a driver goes to drive a car, he/she must first learn how to do so. Then he/she will be required to go through a road test. This is done to ensure that the driver has the necessary skills to drive the car safely.

A learner driver can easily be tested in the form of an assessment before his/her license is granted. To pass the test, one must have a passing score of 80 percent. It is recommended that all new drivers receive a road test before they get the permission to drive. Most of the accidents that happen are caused due to the lack of road knowledge and experience.

The test consists of a number of tasks that are to be performed while driving on the roads. These include tasks like turning around and changing direction. If you don’t Automatic driving lessons in Oxford pass the road test, you will get a license that will allow you to drive a car or any other vehicle. If you fail the test two times in a row, the authorities will cancel your license immediately.

This video is good if you are planning to take an exam soon and want to know about UK driving test. Hope you enjoy watching!

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