Things you would like to know about Wall Tapestry :-


What is wall tapestry?

The term “tapestry” refers to a thick textile fabric with images or designs created by weaving coloured weft threads into the fabric or by embroidering on canvas. Tapestries are often used as soft furnishings or as decorations, such as “panelled walls hung with old tapestries,” “motifs and compositions used in Indian tapestry,” and “tapestry bags.”

It’s a fantastic concept to weave an image into cloth since it makes art portable and approachable. Additionally, a tapestry provides warmth, something a painting cannot. Consider the chilly castle walls of medieval Europe. Now imagine adding a tapestry. You can use the word “tapestry” to describe something multi-layered and complicated, such as the tapestry of your family history, the tapestry of the plot and characters in your favourite book, or the tapestry of life in a small town.

Tapestries provide several benefits, including illuminating your personal space and making your home appear more lovely to both you and others.

Best place to hang :-

The proclamation and conversation-starting qualities of tapestries are evident. They make a lovely accent to any room, but they should be hung where they will have the greatest impact. We enjoy displaying them above furniture like a couch, bed, and mantle OR on a smaller wall so that it can simulate wallpaper. 

Above all else, you need to think about where a wall tapestry will fit in your house. This won’t really reduce the alternatives for some folks, especially those with bigger homes and lots of wall space. For others, however, you will only have a few choices. It is advantageous to measure your home’s walls before making a tapestry purchase to establish the ideal size for your requirements. If you already have your tapestry, you probably just want to choose the largest wall you have. Hanging your tapestry with a lot of space around it will draw more attention if you really want to put it on show for everyone to appreciate. 

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Wall tapestry

Once you have a few possibilities for where to hang the wall tapestry depending on the available space on a particular wall, you should think about how your tapestry will look in the rooms where you can hang it. You want people to notice your tapestry, but not in an unflattering way. It must seamlessly blend in with the room’s design. You should hang your tapestry such that it is somewhat behind a piece of furniture in order to achieve this. For instance, if you are hanging a wall tapestry over a couch, it should dangle about four inches below the top of the couch, below the back of the couch.

As diverse as the vibrant threads used to weave them are the themes and designs of tapestries. A tapestry should be hung in a way that complements its attractiveness. For instance, if you have a sizable wall tapestry of your family crest, you can think about hanging it in your entryway to let visitors know how important your lineage is to you. A study or library might be a better place for a tapestry that depicts an epic battle because it might be too violent or overwhelming in the front hall.

How to hang it :-

How can a tapestry be hung most simply? Use push pins or nails. (Please refrain from using ugly thumbtacks!) Larger weaves are ideal for this procedure; smaller weaves may result in holes in the garment. For a casual drape, hang by the corners. For a straight appearance, fasten with a row of nails spaced evenly across the top of the piece.

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Stretching cloth over a wooden frame or plywood board can transform it into a work of art. The tapestry should be folded and stretched over the frame before being stapled in place. To hang pictures on the wall, use sawtooth hangers. In order to prevent the wood from showing through the fabric if your fabric is thin, you might wish to stretch and staple canvas to the frame first.

How to take care of it :-

Your tapestry will be very wrinkled when it comes in the mail. A steamer is the most efficient instrument for taking these out, so if you don’t already have one of these useful items, buy one. It should work if you iron it on low or dry it with a wet washcloth. Additionally, if you accidentally got a little too into Game of Thrones and spilled an entire glass of wine on the tapestry you adore, just wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle, then tumble dry on low, and it will look almost brand new.

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