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This Holiday Season, Don’t Just Repair Broken Watches

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As a repair shop owner, you are always looking for ideas to promote your business in the best way possible, especially during the holiday season. Watches are a big part of festivals because these are mostly antiques passed from generation to generation. So on the eve of Christmas, people take out their family heirlooms for restoration, repair, and maintenance to pass them on to the next person. Watch Repair Store owners should embrace themselves and prepare for this season fully. Last year Americans spent $8.9 billion on Black Friday sales, so it has been a huge market to gain profits if you can up your marketing game.

So are you ready to get the most out of this Black Friday event? Also, do not forget the cyber Monday following it. Customers will barge in to get their watches fixed. Therefore you must use all the means to make this holiday sale an absolute success.

Let’s get into some exceptional marketing tricks to make your repair business stand out from the crowd this Black Friday.

Sneak Peeks of Your Offers and Products

Every business owner has a surprise packed away to unleash during the holiday season, whether it’s exclusive offers or new products. Before launching anything, you have to create a curiosity for it. Create tempting videos, posts, and articles to completely draw your customers’ attention, and they cannot resist buying what’s coming out. Show how your particular launch can help your customers. You can use your Watch Repair Shop Software to send promotional texts and emails. Give out the full picture after the teaser to gain maximum attention and drive mind-boggling sales. This holiday is also a perfect opportunity to launch a new product. It’s like killing two birds with one aim. You have got the market at its peak, and you’re already doing marketing for Black Friday; the new product advertisement will be covered in the same budget. You can do hundreds of things while promoting it, like giving early bird discounts, free trials, etc.

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Revamp Your Website and Socials

You have to upgrade your website and socials with the event’s colors. Paint your website and social media with blacks and blues, along with exclusive offers. Whether you’re running a business online or offline, people first check you on the internet, especially social media. So you have to be quite active there. Nowadays, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok are the best advertising platforms. You should run Black Friday-themed ads on Facebook and Instagram because they will reach the maximum number of people. Use POS Software to display your social media handles so that customers can scan them from the screen whenever they visit your store. In addition, add some points and offers for people who buy from the page or like or follow the posts. An example is arranging a FB contest where the winner gets an exclusive discount or price.

Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns

A touch of personalization and hand-written notes never hurt someone. In fact, these are ways of best customer service and satisfaction. Watch Repair Store directory has all the customers’ data saved which can be used to send personalized messages. It is undoubtedly one of the best marketing strategies and makes your campaign stand out. In addition, you can make groups and send tailored emails to make them more effective and professional.

Offer Rewards, Gifts, and Free Shipping

Go ahead of your competitors and be big this holiday season. Think big and provide exclusive deals that would be unbeatable by your competitors. Of course, free shipping is a must. With that, give a bundle of chances to win rewards and gifts for your new and old customers. This strategy will eliminate the problem of abandoned carts. Your loyal customers deserve more this season, so send them pre-offers and reward them on their purchases. Gift them for being valued members and provide them points to use for a longer time. Do giveaways for new customers. Store all these discounts and gift information for every customer in your Watch Repair Shop Software. Some famous discounts are “buy one, get one free,” “spin the wheel,” “hourly sales,” etc.

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Start Your Deals Early and Extend Them Late

Be smart and start early sales i-e at least three or four weeks before Black Friday. This will inform you about the market and competition and give you time to improve your campaigns for Black Friday week. Furthermore, it will draw your customers’ attention, and they will look out for your sales keenly. On the other hand, another smart trick is extending your sales to the end of November. Then, you can surprise your customers with a last-minute extended sale.

Referral Codes

On Black Friday, when people have millions of options to shop from, referral marketing can be a game changer for you. Customers instantly believe word-of-mouth and blindly buy without doubting it. You can give them referral codes i-e give them discounts or rewards whenever a customer buys from that code. Don’t worry; your POS Software can keep a record of all this data.

Influencer Marketing

You will be surprised to know what of an impact influencers make on people. People follow them like religion and will instantly buy what they endorse. So if your budget allows, hire an influencer to vouch for your watch services, accessories, and equipment you use. 

Watch Repair Store has a high-profit margin during the holiday time as people prefer to gift their family heirlooms to their loved ones. Being a trustworthy service provider can earn you these loyal customers and boost your revenue in no time.

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