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Tianhui UV LED Manufacturers & Suppliers – Water and Air Disinfection

Tianhui UV LED

Tianhui is a production-oriented high-tech company that integrates UV LED research and development, manufacturing, sales, and solution provision. With an impressive track record in development and an experienced technical staff, stringent quality management procedures, standard equipment, and intensive cultivation practices under one roof – Tianhui stands as an unbeatable force in this space. UV water disinfection is a highly effective and chemical-free process that uses ultraviolet light to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in water.

UV disinfection is a key technology that helps create safe water, air, and environments. With the rising fear of infectious disease outbreaks, UV-C disinfection is becoming more and more popular on the market.

Water Disinfection

UV LEDs are not only used for disinfecting water but they can also be used for air disinfection. They offer a reliable way to reduce or kill germs in hospitals, kitchens, schools and offices alike.

UV disinfection is becoming more and more popular in consumer products such as point-of-use water dispensers and other appliances that dispense water for drinking or cooking. When selecting a technology to inactivate microorganisms in their product’s water supply, product designers must take into account three criteria.

When dispensing water, the first consideration should be how often and for how long. UV lamps are an ideal option, offering high power, high flow rates, and efficient power consumption that ensures their long life in industrial and utility applications.

Compact on-demand products where replacement access is a design consideration or space isn’t an issue, UVC LEDs offer the most cost and design features for their needs. They deliver instantaneous high intensity UVC light output for quick user responsiveness and can be cycled on and off to extend product lifespan without maintenance costs.

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Air Disinfection

The most efficient way to inactivate microorganisms in water is with a reactor that utilizes high output UV lamp or LED technology. However, product designers must take into account the costs and features necessary for providing their customers with the most powerful disinfection solution available.

For over two decades, a Tianhui company has been the go-to UV LED manufacturers and supplier. Their extensive production series, consistent quality standards, dependability as well as competitive costs have allowed them to provide their clients with UV LED solution around the world. As an innovative high-tech firm that integrates research, production and sales activities, they have earned themselves a loyal international clientele.

Sterilization Equipment

Compact product design is becoming an increasingly popular trend across the industry as consumers demand smaller living spaces. This has necessitated the need for water purification systems that can fit into smaller areas while also offering replacement lamps.

UVC LEDs offer an alternative solution to UV lamp type reactors when it comes to disinfection in products. They come in various sizes and can be utilized for small appliances and point-of-use water and beverage systems that couldn’t accommodate UV lamp type reactors before. Furthermore, these savings come from both product size and replacement access features as well.

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Tianhui has been actively engaged in researching, developing, producing and selling UV LED packages with full production series ranging from small power to high power (200NM-430NM). Through overseas collaborations they have acquired technology and resources that enable them to manufacture high-quality, reliable products at competitive prices.

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For UV-B and UV-C products, the most common packaging architecture consisted of a black ceramic base with gold-plated reflectors and side walls, along with a flat glass lens bonded to the top flange of the package base. This packaging style was used across seven different LED products made by four different manufacturers with only minor variations.

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