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Time to Get Extra Income Stream in 2023

Income Stream

It’s usually a good idea to have a little bit of extra cash on hand. Earning extra money without putting in the extra effort is ideal. You may easily fill your coffers without exerting a great deal of work if you have a passive income stream. If your salary growth prospects at work are limited, creating passive income sources might be a fantastic method to build wealth. However, dividends, investment interest, and rental income are some of the most common forms of passive income, but they often need a sizable initial commitment.

Fortunately, you can also create a passive income stream from start and have it work for you. You may design a side gig or small company such that it generates passive income even while you sleep if you know that’s what you need. In 2023, you should think about the following five passive income opportunities.

The Top 5 Passive Income Ideas for 2023

·         Put out a book in Kindle format.

·         Start making things.

·         Get the most out of affiliate programmes.

·         Create a membership-only website.

·         Make a video lesson available online.

Tip #1: Get a book up on Kindle

To generate online passive income, consider writing and releasing an ebook. The Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform from Amazon and the Partner Program on Medium make it simple. To allow authors and writers to get royalties or other forms of passive revenue from their work.

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Mark LaCoursiere spent 3 days and less than $500 getting everything ready to launch his first e-book on KDP, where he self-published a book on project management. In November of 2022, LaCoursiere published an electronic version of his book on Amazon, and he now earns around $1.50 every day from royalties.

Tip #2: Learn to Create

The creator economy is thriving, and now is a great time to get into it if you know how to attract an audience or like creating useful or interesting material. As you won’t be able to sit back and collect royalties while you create content, the money you generate in the background will be passive and easy to maintain.

Side Hustle Nation creator Nick Loper claims his YouTube channel has been performing well, generating a passive $500-$800 per month for years.

If you are worried that you don’t have enough visitors interested in advertising, you may choose a sponsor that has similar goals to your own. Sponsorships are arrangements in which a business financially supports an individual or group in exchange for advertising space in some form (often video, podcast, email, or social media post).

Working with corporations may increase the visibility of your material and pave the way for larger brand collaborations, which in turn can lead to more possibilities to earn royalties.

Tip #3: Benefit from Affiliate Links

With affiliate marketing, you are paid a commission whenever one of your recommended products or services is purchased online. When directing readers or followers to specific physical things, for instance, you may utilise affiliate links to earn money from marketplace websites like BK8 Singapore. Singapore affiliate programmes, in which users promote a software company’s product in return for a commission, are offered by a growing number of software developers.

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A large amount of traffic is necessary for affiliate links to be profitable, but the rewards may be substantial for those who can effectively promote their links to the correct audience.

If you’re interested in starting an internet company but don’t feel like developing your own product, affiliate links may be a terrific source of passive income.

Tip #4: Create a Subscription Service

It’s nice to just have to worry about taxes and your paycheck once. Receiving payment repeatedly is much better.

Create a membership site to store your important information and resources, and charge users a small price each month to access them. You are effectively licencing your material under this model, much as how subscription-based software or streaming services generate revenue. Your membership site might start off modestly and grow as your needs evolve.

With memberships, she explains, “the most essential thing is to be profitable,” so you should prioritise member retention right away. You’ll be able to hire people quickly and delegate much of the work involved in managing the membership to them. Then you can devote your time to the activities you like; for me, that’s handling calls and assisting customers.

Tip #5: Make a video lesson available online

In addition to being easy to duplicate, online courses need very little maintenance and have the potential to generate large profits. It’s probable that you have knowledge that others would benefit from hearing. A digital course or other information product allows you to write the content once and resell it many times. The course may be modified at a later date, and more live components can be added if desired.

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Level Up in Tech is an e-learning company led by Broadus Palmer that focuses on teaching in-demand cloud computing skills. Palmer first used prerecorded videos to teach and market the course, but now he uses a hybrid methodology that combines live sessions with the videos to educate his cohorts, he adds.

Palmer’s hybrid approach is no longer passive, but he has all of the information recorded and ready to go if he decides to provide a self-study option again in the future.


In our discussions with experts, not one of them claimed to have a passive income stream. They routinely put in some additional hours of labour in order to ensure a steady flow of financial resources. But it has been deemed worthwhile, so they claim.

If the concept of passive income has caught your interest, the next step toward financial independence is to put some effort into developing one or more of these sources of revenue.

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