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Tips For Choosing the Ideal Umrah Package As a British Muslim

Umrah is an important Islamic pilgrimage that Muslims across the globe undertake to perform. It is a religious duty and it is considered as one of the five pillars of Islam. Umrah can be performed at any time throughout the year, but it is best to travel during the holy month of Ramadan because Muslims believe it to be a blessed time for pilgrimage. When planning an Umrah trip with ​​cheap umrah flights, you need to make sure that your chosen Umrah package offers all the facilities which are required by you during this sacred journey. The following tips will help you find an ideal Umrah package:

Consider the Travelling Time

When planning your Umrah, you will have to take into account the travelling time. This is because it can be a long journey from the UK to Makkah and vice versa. You should therefore consider the following aspects:

  • The season of the year in which you would be travelling
  • The distance between Makkah and London
  • The time of day when you will be travelling
  • The time at which your flight leaves and arrives

Book Your Trip Only Through a Licensed Umrah Travel Agent in the UK

It is important to use a licensed travel agent when booking your Umrah trip. Travel agents are not allowed to sell any type of service without being registered with the government. Being registered means that they have passed all the necessary exams and undergone training courses in travelling, so you can be sure that they will provide you with top-quality services.

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Many people decide to book their trip online because it’s convenient and cheap, but this isn’t always wise because there are many fake agencies out there who try to scam their customers by selling them substandard services at high prices or stealing personal information from them which could lead to identity theft. The best way to avoid being scammed by such companies is by only booking through licensed Umrah travel agents in the UK.

Confirm the Dates of the Umrah Package

When choosing an Umrah package, make sure you can go on the dates you want. It’s best to choose a package that takes place during the summer or winter months so that you don’t have to plan your journey around school and work schedules. The ideal time period is when most other people are going on vacation as well, so they won’t be crowded out while in Mecca.

If you are unable to schedule your trip at this time, then consider going during another time of year as long as it also falls within their holiday schedule (they have certain days off). If this is not possible, then ensure that there is enough time between your arrival date and departure date so that no one will miss any important events related to their education or work responsibilities back home.

Ask for Accommodations Near Haramain Sharifain

As a Muslim, it is important for you to choose an accommodation that is close to Haramain Sharifain. If you are travelling with family, make sure the hotel is near Haramain Sharifain. If you are travelling alone, choose a hotel that is within walking distance of Haramain Sharifain so that you can easily reach it on foot and perform prayers during Ramadan or at any other time.

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Confirm the Transportation Services

  • Make sure the transportation services are reliable. After you have booked your package, it’s important to confirm that you will get to your hotel on time and in the right vehicle. This can be done with a few phone calls or emails before leaving for Saudi Arabia.
  • Make sure you get to your hotel safely. It is also important that there are no issues while traveling from the airport or train station to your hotel room, especially if it is late at night and raining heavily! If possible, try hiring an English-speaking driver who can help navigate the roads and make sure everyone is safe during their journey.
  • Ensure that you get to your hotel in the right location as well as in good condition (avoiding any delays caused by traffic jams).

You May Have to Face Trouble

You may have to face trouble if you make any wrong decision regarding the Umrah package. Make sure you have all the information about the Umrah package before booking it. If you book your Umrah package through a licensed Umrah travel agent in UK, then you will be able to enjoy the journey without any hassles.


The above-mentioned tips will help you to choose a suitable Umrah Package for yourself. But, it is important that you should confirm all the details before booking any package. Also, make sure that the packaged trip includes all the required services and facilities.

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