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Tips for your stressed dog at the groomer

Despite the fact that you also take good care of your favorite pet (regular brushing and combing, with which you prevent all the necessary large tangles in the coat), many dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers go to a grooming salon several times a year. Depending on the dog, the coat, and your wishes, during grooming the fur of your pet is shaved, plucked, dew, cut (if necessary), washed, etc. During grooming, attention is also paid to cleaning the ears, clipping nails, and removing ticks if necessary. This sounds like a wonderful pampering outing, but does your dog also experience this as a treat? Or does he/she feel less comfortable with this?
What can you do to make the trip to the groomer pleasant?
Such an APK for your dog is not so easy. You have to take into account that they spend an average of 1.5 to 4 hours with their dog. Depending on the size of your pet of course. Every pet reacts differently to this treatment. One person loves all that attention and tossing through his or her fur. For others, it is a real nightmare because they have to sit or stand still for a long time. This makes them feel stressed and uncomfortable. And let’s face it, dogs can be ignorant too, keeping a suspicious eye on everything. This can also cause some tension.

Typically one of those moments when your dog prefers to be hidden. So how do you manage to keep your dog calm?

Tips for a stressed dog
Support your dog by staying calm yourself
Take your dog out for a walk beforehand and don’t let him or her eat and drink too much
Put your dog in control of the situation (where possible)
Walk around the groomer so your dog can sniff the scents
Make his environment more predictable, for example, bring the favorite toy or something else that smells familiar

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