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Tips to get high scores for academic writing


Isn’t it great to have someone guide you through the harder phases of life? Everyone needs a mentor to look up to, be it parents, some distant cousin, or someone, in general, you find motivation from. Especially when it comes to academics, having a mentor means a lot. With the ongoing changes in the overall academic curriculum globally, it has become a new unlocked challenge for most students. Different academic programs follow different curricula. Similarly, the approach to excel in those with tunes of these changes requires great help and correct guidance.

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Tips To Get High Scores For Academic Writing

Writing needs good background research on the topic. The point of view may differ though. Here we have prepared a guideline to shed light on some great yet smart hacks for how to score higher in academic writing. As academic writing can be of any type, be it descriptive, analytical, critical, or persuasive. The common among all four is the bottom line of the topic or the research. Let’s discuss these worthwhile tips to make your writing stand out the most.

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Smart Structuring

When asked by most of the university teachers where do most of the students lack? Their unified answer was writing. As writing can be tiring and dry for most students, many feel the pressure. But whenever you ask a student where do they feel they lack? The answer is always about grammar or punctuation. No one talks about the macro issue of writing which is structuring your material. It is the art to formulate the context of the topic beautifully. Let’s simplify it. Structuring is basically dividing your material into the correct approach to writing. That is the introduction is followed by the main body of the topic. The main body then also has a few sub-parts. Then comes the conclusion and after that, the reference list.

Although, it may vary as per your institution’s requirements. But mostly it is the generic format that is acceptable on almost every level of your academic. The art of writing a good academic paper lies in gathering correct and related information. Also, then able to sum it up concisely.

Be Concise

The structuring will look more graceful with perfect conciseness. The creativity is to convey the message through a couple of lines. Yes, it does seem a little hard and it sometimes is. But what do they say? Practice makes a man perfect. So, to be concise, a lot of practice is required but when you hire our assistance, we make sure to provide expert guidance on how to be short and clear.

As we use unnecessary words and structures, we lose our readers easily. This directly impacts our way of writing arguments. Arguments keep the readers intact, but prolonged arguments may come off as boring. For academic writing, it is one important factor to keep in mind.

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Grammar and Punctuation

Now here comes the issue which makes most of the students fear any piece of writing. These are micro-level issues and thus need proper attention. To overcome the grammar part, revise the basics beforehand like parts of speech and some surface-level tenses. Also, it would be beneficial to check with your instructor about any special tense requirements of an academic paper.

Mostly, for the introductory part of any writing, future simple tense is used. While present tense is preferred to express any person’s beliefs or point of view. By keeping these ground rules in check, we can easily overcome the issues because of any grammatical flaw. Also, we make sure to guide the students about syntax. It is basically the sentence structure. Correct structure of sentences increases readability.

Similar is for punctuation. Understand the basics and go with them. There is no point in using dozens of punctuation marks just to simplify the meaning. It gives an unprofessional impression. Use related punctuation marks instead of hoarding each one of them. Moreover, our assistance includes complete guidance and practice material to overcome both of these issues.

 A few more things to keep in mind are:

  • Prefer active voice over passive voice.
  • Use ‘and’ in place of ‘to’
  • Remember the correct usage of articles.
  • Use proper prepositions.

Be Neutral

The most common mistake a student can make is to get emotionally attached to his piece of writing. The best practice is to never let your feelings decide the course of your paper. In order to get a successful paper, it is ideal to be objective. Our team of experts promotes different perceptions of the same context or theme, but it should not jumble the basic essence.

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Don’t Forget To Proofread!

The practice most successful writers follow is to read and re-read their work. Often, reading aloud helps in picking out the gaps or mistakes. There are multiple online platforms available for editing and proofreading. We also provide these services with great responsibility. As we understand the hard work a student puts in to articulate a paper. And all of the previous work will go in vain if the editing step is not performed effectively.


Writing is said to be the heart of any academic program and it surely requires great effort. This is the reason, we, at Do My Courses makes sure to incorporate these tips into our programs. Also, we let our students pick any expert from our team and have one-on-one sessions to deeply discuss their queries. In order to get high scores on your academic writing, just ask to do my online course and we will share your burden with you.

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