Tips to Increase Sales on eBay in 2022

Setting up an eBay account is easy, but only an account setup is not enough.

Selling more on eBay requires a focus on the details. Also, understanding how some accounts rank at the top is vital. 

Most of it has to do with the way eBay’s search engine works.


A search engine assists digital shoppers in finding the products that are most pertinent to their search terms. Of course, just like the algorithm of search engine daddy “Google,” the exact precept is kept secret to prevent counterfeiting. Still, there are a few tested approaches that are known to impact conversion.

Follow these tips to increase your sales on eBay listings and push your listings to the top of the search results!

  1. Know-How eBay’s Search Algorithm is Different.

Every time you type anything online, you’re using a search algorithm. Different search engines use different algorithms. For example, Amazon uses A10, Google uses PageRank, and eBay uses Cassini as an internal search engine. Many factors go into mastering each search algorithm. For Cassini, search terms (Keywords) play a crucial part, so the next tip is about that.

  1. Find Relevant Keywords and Use Them Precisely

As with eBay, customers type product-specific keywords. The best way to find pertinent keywords is to pretend that you’re the shopper and perform numerous searches for what’s in your inventory.

If you get results for many products in your inventory and see similar sellers ranking on the top, know that you’ve got the right keywords. Next, shortlist 3-5 primary keywords and use those in critical areas:

  • Product Description
  • Subheadings
  • Page titles
  • Meta tags
  • Image
  • URLs
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When it comes to adding keywords, do not over stuff. Quality is what matters and not quantity. So use the most relevant or high-volume keywords first and low volume later. But use only as many as required.

  1. Upload High-Quality Product Images

You can add up to 12 images on each product listing on eBay, so try to get as close as you can to that number. If uploading 12 product images is difficult, aim for at least 7-8 pictures. Even if your listing doesn’t need 8-12 images, it’s good for rankings.

  1. Fill Product Listing Completely

When you create product listings, you’ll see boxes with green checks that show your progression. They’re for filling in details about the product like brand, size, color, style, etc. Sometimes you’ll feel like skipping some of these details, like if you already included that information in the product title.

But filling out these details is mandatory on eBay, so fill them out anyway, even if it seems redundant. 

  1. Personalize Your Product Listings to Stand Different

Instead of using a generic listing, customize the product listing that will help you draw more attention to it. For example, you can add your brand’s logo, newsletter subscription link, category navigation tab, and even a billboard to advertise limited-time offers and deals.

  1. Ensure Adding Products In Right Category

This tip might seem like an obvious one, but there are high chances of losing sales if you’re not listing your products in the correct categories. Not only this, not adding products in the right type could stop you from expanding internationally.

  1. Ensure Writing Relevant Content
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One of the stupid reasons to lose out on a sale is if your content is not appropriate. Thus, ensure writing relevant content and double-check your listings to ensure they’re in good grammatical form.

Another facet of well-written product listings is getting just the right amount of content. Write too little content, and your customers won’t have enough to make an informed buying decision; write too much content, and they’ll lose interest in it. Even eBay search engine Cassini doesn’t like listings that have too much content in them.

The above-mentioned are the best tips. But,

The process of listing products on eBay to increase sales isn’t as smooth as it appears, it requires listing knowledge and experience. These days, many organizations get eBay product listing optimisation services done by a third party that is far more experienced in listing products and boosting any aspects during this process. 

The product listing services provider ensures that every product’s benefit is well highlighted, holding the capability of attracting customers. Also, they keep in mind that the layout of featuring your product is to achieve maximum positive feedback and make amendments to counter the negative ones.

By Jessica Campbelll

Hello, I am Jessica Campbell, working as a content strategist at Data4Amazon. Our teams have managed more than 1200+ Amazon stores, helping clients outperform competition across the marketplace along with relevant, accurate information, optimize their store, manage customer orders, track inventory and provide complete customer support. Data4Amazon’s rapid growth is a testament to the quality services and in-depth expertise that clients experience by partnering with them.

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