To celebrate someone’s success here are 3 gestures that will make them feel important

To celebrate someone's success here are 3 gestures that will make them feel important

One of the most beautiful things about social media is the opportunity it gives us to share in each other’s happiness and success. We get to see pictures of loved ones and friends, who are doing well for themselves and we celebrate their victories with them.

When one of our colleagues wins something, whether it’s an award, an honorary mention, or even a promotion, we have to celebrate it. When someone who has worked with us for many years and never received any recognition gets the recognition they deserve, it’s our duty to give them a big hug and let them know that it has been noticed. But sometimes, when someone around you makes a success, you can feel a bit like a fraud. The truth is that you should always celebrate your colleagues’ successes. The following are some examples of gestures that will make them feel important.  Personal Loan in UAENew and Old Car LoanHome Mortgage LoanCredit CardsBusiness Loan

Send them some flowers and cake

First, let them know that you care about them and you are with them on this beautiful occasion. And want to be a part of this event by wishing them a more beautiful journey, Start their day good you can send flowers and cake to Delhi with lovely message note in it. You can also attach a greeting card for them with a success message or poetry in it. Trust me this will gonna melt their heart and will add a few more inches to their smile.

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Be sincerely happy for them

When someone you work with wins an award, it’s only human to feel a bit down. It makes you wonder why it’s never happened to you. But that’s not the right way to react. You should be happy for them because, in reality, their success is something to be grateful for. It means that they are doing good work and that they’re raising the standards.

You’re the only human

We all feel a bit jealous when we see our colleagues do well, but you need to remember that people are not perfect, and even though you may be sure of your own abilities, there’s always a chance that you’ve been underestimating yourself. 

Recognize and congratulate them

A simple “well done” is enough to convey that you appreciate the effort they have put in and the success they have achieved. It’s a gesture that shows you are paying attention, that you give credit where credit is due. And it’s also a nice way to show your support. If they share your ambition, they will appreciate your recognition.

Share their victory

As soon as you hear that someone has won something or received a prize or an award, share the news on social media. Tell everyone you know about their success, about how important it is for your company, and how happy you are for them. If this person has worked with you for a while this is a great opportunity to show that you’re loyal to the people who work with you. The best way to share the victory or good news is you can order some sweets like you can go for cake delivery in Bhopal to share the news with some delicious cake 

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Be transparent in your criteria

Jealousy can also occur if you’re not clear about what standards you use to evaluate your people. Let them know how you judge them, and ask for their opinion. If they think you are being unfair, let them tell you so. It’s better to know how they feel than to have them plot against you.

Never let a team member down

It’s true that one person’s success can sometimes have a negative effect on another. But if you have an excellent employee and you are aware of it, you should do everything possible to keep him or her happy and motivated. If you don’t, you will lose them.

Say thank you

And finally, say thanks to your team for their hard work and for their loyalty. Write them a note, call them, or have a chat with them over a cup of coffee. Show them that you value their work.

You can always do better

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