All You Need To Know About How To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Top 12 Everyday Habits to Mitigate The Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Risk

With everyone’s lifestyles getting all the more hectic and stressful with each passing day, the occurrences of lifestyle diseases have also increased at a very high pace. There is a famous saying that prevention is better than cure and there could not have been words wiser than these to be said. Especially in the case of medical issues, we may have advanced tremendously but the plight of any patient is unimaginable.

Especially in the case of cancer, it can be treated but there is no hundred percent cure for the same. This is why it becomes all the more crucial to look for preventive measures for the same. According to scientific research, one in twenty-eight women have a chance to develop breast cancer. In order to help you avoid this, we have listed down some regular habits one must form in order to be careful.

Breast Cancer Risk

Try Hormone replacement therapy(HRT) after menopause

One of the reasons behind breast cancer can be a hormone imbalance. This can get especially aggravated during and after menopause. The breast cancer cells consist of receptors in the form of proteins that have the ability to attach themselves to progesterone and estrogen. The hormone replacement treatment is responsible for stopping these hormones from attaching themselves to cancer receptors.

It is best not to drink alcohol

Alcohol in general is not a healthy fluid to consume as it can have adverse effects on varied parts of one’s body. But if we talk about breast cancer in particular, alcohol consumption can prove to be harmful. Consuming alcohol in even small amounts can increase the risk of breast cancer as alcohol is proven to increase estrogen levels in a woman’s body and as we have already known, high estrogen levels mean high breast cancer risk.

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Follow a healthy eating pattern

We often miss out on the importance of maintaining a healthy eating pattern but it has more benefits than one can imagine. Consuming healthy food can reduce the chances of a number of types, especially breast cancer.

Women who eat a diet consisting of plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables combined with whole grains have a lesser chance of developing cancer. In terms of meat consumption, seafood is more preferable to red meat. Keeping one’s weight in check is also a key factor that can add to the benefits of these habits.

Be Physically Active 

In today’s hectic day and age, it does seem like a challenge to include a workout session on an everyday basis. However tough it might be, the benefits are good for women in the longer run. Try to include a quick workout session regularly that adds up to approximately 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity on a weekly basis. This practice keeps one’s weight in check which is essential to prevent breast cancer. Along with the usual aerobic activity, try to include some strength training to reap the maximum benefits.

Don’t Smoke

We are all well aware of the fact that smoking only does harm and no good for a human’s body. As it has been mentioned innumerable times, smoking is a major factor behind mitigating the risk of all kinds of cancer. The smoke of cigarettes consists of toxins that contain cancer-causing chemicals.

The risk for breast cancer increases considerably for women who smoke or even used to smoke in the past in comparison to those who have never smoked. Smoking also reduces the effects of breast cancer treatment after detection which increases the chances of low mortality. Not only this, but smoking can increase the chances of a cancer rebound as well. In simpler words, smoking is a big NO!

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Don’t Forget Mammograms

Despite taking care of all these factors, no sure-shot solution can guarantee zero recurrences of breast cancer. Hence it is important to get regular checkups because in the case of cancer in particular, the earlier it is detected, the better it is for the patient.

Please make sure to get regular mammograms prescribed by your gynecologist as this process of examination makes sure that there is no presence of any kind of lumps in your breasts. Not only this, you can ask your doctor for simple instructions to follow to conduct self-examination at home every few weeks. With some practice, one gets a better idea of their body and can detect any abnormality with ease.


We live in a world full of toxins that are almost omnipresent around us. Thus being aware of ways and habits that can reduce one’s chances of breast cancer can make life simpler, healthier, and stress-free. It is necessary to make taking care of one’s body of topmost priority because only then can you achieve all the goals and dreams that you have etched out for yourself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep you away from numerous other diseases with the best breast cancer hospital in Ahmedabad. Be wise and make the right decisions for yourself.