Top 5 Apps for Chinese to Watch TV Shows

If you want to watch TV shows in Chinese, you need a reliable app that will let you stream content from Chinese channels and websites. There are several popular options available, including China TV, VikiRakuten, food, Snaptube, and Viu. These apps are fast, feature minimal ads, and provide a great way to watch Chinese TV shows.


Snaptube is one of the most popular apps for watching TV shows in China. It is a free Android app that contains all kinds of media content, including audio and video. It is user-friendly and offers access to various online streaming services. Users can also download videos from YouTube and other sites.

This app is not without controversy. In August, the Chinese government warned users about rogue code found in Snaptube. The company blamed a third-party SDK called Mango, which it later found to be the cause of the spammy activity. Users were also notified through in-app notifications.

Another great app for Chinese TV shows is China TV, which is fast and has minimal advertisements. It offers a variety of programs, including 24/7 anime (Chinese anime, dubbed into Mandarin), CCTV-1 (news and documentaries), and SinoVision (variety shows). Streaming apps like Viki are very popular with Chinese audiences and offer a variety of content in English, Korean, and Mandarin languages.

The app offers a variety of features for its users, including ad-free downloads. It also has support for Facebook, Instagram, and DailyMotion. Users can add their favorite videos from these sites to the app. Moreover, users can download movies directly to their Android phones.

A free app that offers a large variety of TV shows and movies. Besides streaming, the app also offers premium TV channels, including BBC, A&E, HBO, and Discovery. The app also has a search feature so that users can find the shows they want to watch.

Another free app that supports popular streaming apps is Snaptube. This is a simple and intuitive app that lets users watch TV shows and movies without installing any additional applications. The app also features a search function and an inexhaustible database. Unlike SnapTube, TubeMate has an interface that is easy to navigate. However, users must install a separate music converter if they want to watch music.


VikiRakuten is a top choice for Chinese people looking for an app to watch TV shows. This app provides a wide variety of programs in different languages. It also allows users to create a customized list of their favorite shows and movies. They can also follow celebrities and read comments about their favorite programs. Another feature of Viki is the ability to rate shows and movies out of 10 or submit reviews.

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Viki is a subsidiary of Rakuten, a Japanese internet services company. It has offices in Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul and plans to open a Shanghai office in 2014. Viki offers free and premium content in 160 languages. It boasts over 26 million users per month, which includes viewers from around the world. Viki was also named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2013.

VikiRakuten has a unique Watch Party feature that allows users to watch shows with other Viki users. This feature is currently available in a few countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It also recently launched a movie rental service. The VPN can be used to hide the location of the user.

VikiRakuten offers a wide variety of options for watching Chinese TV shows and movies. It has an impressive library of more than 1,700 titles. Its free version offers ads, but you can get a premium account to remove the ads and watch unlimited content. The service offers HD quality viewing. The app also supports Chromecast. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it is compatible with many streaming platforms.

VikiRakuten also offers free, unlimited access to the video. Users can watch movies, dramas, and anime. The service has partnered with various major broadcasters and offers Chinese and international dramas. The free version is available in 16 countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It also features subtitles.


Viu is a video streaming service based in Hong Kong. It focuses on Asian content, mainly acquiring programs from mainland China, Korea, and Japan. It has a large viewer base in Asia and ranks second on the grossing entertainment charts in Southeast Asia. It is the main competitor of Tencent Video in the region, though Tencent Video has less coverage in the region than Viu, which has over 58 million active monthly users.

The platform provides a range of entertainment shows and animes, which are popular in the region. Viu is available for free on Android and iOS devices. The service is also compatible with select smart TVs. Users can enjoy the first episode of every TV series for free.

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Viu offers a large catalog of content, including new and classic Korean TV dramas, as well as Japanese anime series. It is available in more than a dozen markets in Asia and the Middle East. The service recently expanded to South Africa. Moreover, users can download a variety of content, including TV shows and movies.

Viu is available in Chinese and provides content from various content providers. Its media player is fully featured, with options to mark favorites and synchronize content across devices. Furthermore, the app supports local language subtitles. This means that users can enjoy foreign-language television shows with subtitles.


Ifvod is an app that lets you watch TV shows and movies in Chinese on your smartphone or tablet. It offers a large variety of titles and is easy to use. You simply download the app from the App Store and create an account. You can watch unlimited Chinese movies and TV shows for free, and there is a free trial available, too.

IFVOD is a popular choice for those in China looking for quality Chinese television shows and movies. It has a huge library of shows available in all quality levels. The app offers a variety of content in HD and 4K, as well as Chinese sports video games. IFVOD also provides subtitles for its shows.

IFVOD is free to sign up for and offers more than 900 Chinese TV shows and movies. You can stream all of these for free, so you can test them before you invest your money. You can also watch movies and news content. IFVOD has many advantages.

IFVOD is a streaming service in China that offers content from around the world. In addition to a large library of TV shows and movies, it also offers interactive games and new content daily. Users will be able to watch their favorite shows or movies without buffering or downloading. This application can also be used to stay connected with friends and family who live abroad.

IFVOD is an excellent Chinese streaming service that lets you watch TV shows and movies on the go. Its simple interface makes it easy for anyone to use and is available on many devices. It also has no content restrictions and offers content in several languages. It’s easy to install on a smartphone or smart television and offers a large selection of TV shows in HD quality.

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China Tv

If you want to stream Chinese TV shows from home, there are some good apps you can use. Some are free, while others require a subscription. If you want to watch a particular TV show or movie, it’s recommended to subscribe to a premium service. Migu Video is a good option for those looking to stream Chinese TV shows without having to sign up. Migu also allows you to create watch lists, so you can easily find your favorites. While it’s not a full-featured TV streaming service, it does have a lot of Chinese TV series available.

Another good option is to use a VPN, which can help you access free content you can’t access in your home country. This will enable you to circumvent IP restrictions and watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Another great option for streaming Chinese dramas is Tencent Video. This streaming site has more than 200 million users and 106 million VIP subscribers, making it one of the most popular video platforms on the internet. Compared to many other Chinese video streaming sites, Tencent Video has rich content and is free to use.

The Viki app is another good option for streaming Chinese dramas. This app offers English subtitles for its Chinese shows, making it a popular choice with Chinese users. The video quality on Viki is excellent, and it streams the shows very fast. Unlike some other websites, Viki’s subtitles are sourced from international fans of Chinese dramas, which means you can count on an accurate translation of the content. The app also allows you to use multiple devices to watch the shows you want to.

Another good app for watching TV shows in Chinese is Youku, which is the YouTube of China. It works much like Netflix or Hulu and pays content creators. As a result, you can watch free or paid videos, and you can subscribe to multiple devices. The app is compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

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