Top 5 Link Shortener alternatives to Bitly

A comprehensive list of Bitly’s competitors and best alternatives

  1. T2M URL Shortener
  2. TinyURL
  3. Linkjoy
  4. SleekBio
  5. Switchy
  1. T2M URL Shortener

The T2M URL Shortener’s cloud-based technology for URL shortening offers an endless number of shortened URLs, redirects, and clicks. Users will continue to have constant, trouble-free access to personalized URLs. One of the best link shortener alternative to bitly is T2M URL Shortener.

This URL-shortening service is built with a ton of custom vanity, brand, and domain URLs. There is great, specialized support for the product. This product has API compatibility with practically all of the portals now in use. 

There is also one-click social sharing available. Users will get access to highly scalable analytics to make better decisions. Password-protected URLs and one-click domain mapping are both features included with T2M URL Shortener. It allows CSV import and bulk URL construction.

  1. TinyURL

TinyURL is the best URL shortening service for mysterious use. You can tweak the string that shows up in your abbreviated URL.

For instance, you could make, as opposed to something arbitrary like

TinyURL is totally unknown – don’t bother enlisting a record. The disadvantage, however, is that it doesn’t offer any examination or other high-level elements.

  1. Linkjoy

With its lead generation, payment receivables, and remarketing modules, Linkjoy is a user-friendly digital presence management tool that supports producers. The program may also be used to create micro-landing pages quickly, create Instagram-friendly bio links, and retarget links by shortening URLs. 

To promote fluid decision-making, it even enables real-time connectivity with other systems like Google Sheets, Gmail, Outlook, MailChimp, Slack, DropBox, and more. Furthermore, Linkjoy’s real-time statistics guarantee accurate ROI evaluation on the fly. Additionally, users may add tracking pixels from their preferred applications, such as Facebook, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords. 

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An easy-to-use link-shortening feature offered by the platform is quite beneficial for companies. where they are able to customize the last element of the URL and increase the CTR. Real-time access to unique clicks, click locations, and the sorts of information that different audiences enjoy is made possible through a specialized dashboard. UTM & OG Tags, custom postfix, A/B testing, limitless campaign links, and more features are available as well.

  1. SleekBio

SleekBio is a social bio link management solution that helps business users and those with social media accounts to build a single website where they can promote a variety of services in an orderly fashion. 

Anyone who clicks on the specific bio link can view all of the influencers’ embedded content on the website. The application helps users to maximize the audience on their official social media accounts by integrating the greatest material from YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, and other networks. Businesses may take appointments and meetings immediately from their own business page using SleekBio by using TidyCal, a powerful calendar tool. 

Additionally, users may go on to carry out timely updates and ensure that their audiences occasionally have access to the most recent information. Even better, influencers may gather email leads right from the website and expand their email database. Businesses may monitor the performance displayed by certain pages and integrated links using SleekBio’s in-depth research and analytics.

  1. Switchy

With Switchy, you can change the look of a shared post on a social network in only two clicks. Edit the title, description, and image to improve the appearance of your links and increase click-through rates. 

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Increase your conversion rate by using Switchy to develop hyper-targeted advertising campaigns on your preferred social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Ads. Receive real-time information on your links right in your dashboard. Switchy gives you access to specific analytics like click counts, audience sources, and referrers.

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