Top Listed Food and Places to Check Out if You Are in Goa?

Goa is known for its fantastic beauty and places filled with historical monuments, old architecture, golden sandy beaches, and special foods. Plus, it is also very in demand because of its excellent and adventurous water activities, which are really going to make your trip fabulous and unique. The activities include parasailing, windsurfing, banana boat riding, and paragliding underwater diving to witness the magical beauty of coral reefs and multiple species of marine creatures.  

In Goa, you witness fantastic architecture built from the colonial period and impressive historical temples and churches, which visitors should visit at least once in life. Those churches and temples are sacred and entirely spiritual. 

The beaches and weather of Goa are unique throughout the year, but if you want to explore the best out of your trip, then visit Goa between November to February, when you witness most of the crowd with many other carnivals and events that you are going to enjoy with your friends and family. 

So if you are planning for a trip that makes your holidays awesome with pocket price, choose Goa as your first option, as there are fantastic Goa packages from Delhi, which help you save money and make your journey unforgettable. 

Top Food Dishes and Drinks Places

Ritz Classes

This place is one of the delicious seafood places, which is very famous amongst the people of Goa. The place is considered a paradise for seafood dishes, filled with rice, fish, spices, and other unique ingredients that make it tasty and authentic. This place is located in Panjim. You can have unique dishes like fish thali, crab masala, and butter garlic calamari which give you an authentic taste and make your experience top-notch.

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White House 

This restaurant is located in Dona Paula, and it is a small restaurant that offers Goan food. This place is a gem for people who love Goan food, and with cozy and comfortable service, the experience of that place becomes unique. There are dishes like Chicken Xacuti, Chicken cafreal, Pork vindaloo, and Goan prawn curry. They also serve one delight dish named cauliflower cafreal, as these Goan foods are served with frills.

Vinayak Family Restaurant 

This place is a family dining, where you can go with your family and even with your friends, this place is very famous among the customers and locals. It offers special dishes that are special each day so you can have them. Plus, the famous dishes at this place are Fish xacuti, Prawn Rava fry, fried fish, golden fried fish, and last but not least, prawn sorpotel. These all are unique and delicious. 

The Fisherman Wharf 

This is one of the most famous places in Goa, where people really like the south and north food. Filled with live music, authentic service, and a charming interior that makes your experience the best one. This place is one of the attractions of people who love their food, as they serve dishes like pomfret in butter garlic sauce, king prawn recheado, chicken cafreal, prawn curry rice, and chorizo pao. These dishes are exceptionally delightful and tasty, so you can visit this place with your partner and have a good time by enjoying these fantastic dishes. 

Koki Kanteen 

This place is basically famous for its beautiful Goan dishes, as it is popular all over the Panjim for its yummy food like Mussil, Tissera, Fry prawn rawa, and fish thali, etc. these dishes are very fantastic to have, so if you are near to this place or planning for the place which offers delightful food you can add this food place in your list. They also serve their signature dish, Herradura, one of Goa’s best dishes. 

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Martin’s Corner 

This restaurant is famous all over Goa and has also won an award. This place has been in Goa for around two decades, which is excellent. This restaurant offers amazing Goan food and seafood that gives a legitimate taste to every visitor. The dishes offered by this place are Butter garlic calamari, Raw, fried fish, and Goan sausage, which are made up of xacuti, vindaloo, and recheado masalas make the dishes so authentic. 

Major Activities 

Calangute Beach 

This place is one of the queen beaches in Goa, where you can best parasail, giving you a massive impact of witnessing Goa from a bird’s eye. Calangute is a very happening place for visitors, where it offers shimmering white sand with emerald blue water with amazing sightseeing of nature. Plus, you witness in the evening the features view of the sunset, which looks really magnificent. With the mesmerizing parasailing and authentic beaches, this place is everyone’s attraction. 

Anjuna Beach 

Add this place to your list, as it is one of the incredible places to visit. These beaches give maximum enjoyment to every visitor and offer top-notch water activities like surfing, scuba, parasailing, snorkeling, and water volleyball which you can have with your friends. There is one more gem on this beach: a flea market that offers you fantastic souvenirs, knicks and knacks, beachwear, bags, shoes, jewelry, and whatnot. Besides, you may witness legitimate live music that makes your visit very pleasant and unique. 


Furthermore, these are the authentic food places that give extraordinary food dishes which every visitor loves. Plus, some beaches provide the best water activities and other small flea markets that offer you pretty much everything you are looking for. Suppose you are looking for an under-budget trip which gives you all the best experience at an excellent price. Choose Goa as the destination as you will get an affordable Goa trip package from Delhi and Mumbai. 

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