Top Skills You Need to be a Great API Developer

When two or more systems or software platforms need to be connected, the best way is through the APIs or Application Programming Interfaces. They can quickly bring automation to any system without many problems. Apart from this, APIs are significant in establishing seamless connections between the software systems since every API needs to be coded from the background and the connections are pre-defined.

However, it is not easy to become a great API developer. You need to adopt several skills to become the best professional and ace the interviews at some of the top-rated companies. As many of you might not be aware of the skills required to begin a lucrative career journey for yourself, we have illustrated the top skills you need to focus on.

Programming knowledge

APIs are expressed in the form of XML or JSON files. However, it is the work of the front-end developer to match the scope and ensure the JSON request or response matches the initial requirements. On the other hand, if you are a backend developer, you need to learn different programming languages like Java, Python, etc.

These languages will be needed to code the entire functionality of the system, including the relationship between the systems and the API files. Apart from this, it would be best if you also learned more about the coding format to create the correct JSON files. Not all fields need to be included in the format. Therefore, you need to take care of the codes and handle the exceptions.

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Continuous upskilling

It would be best if you continuously upskilled yourself. The API system is evolving continuously, so you need to ensure you gain more knowledge about the technology, the latest developments, and so on. Apart from this, it would help if you also learned more about API automation since it is on the rise and used to develop several high-end applications and websites. 

Most companies look for API developers who can work with the codes like a pro and integrate the newer technologies with the existing infrastructure. Apart from this, you also need to know how to use APIs in different contexts. For an example – understand the implementation of eCommerce API to build eCommerce store. With automated APIs, you can efficiently work on gaining more revenues and drive higher business traffic through the APIs integrated into the existing framework.

Understanding API architect hats

To become a great API developer, you must also understand the architecture. The main job of the architect is to construct the API in XML or JSON format. It will be coded in the form of the development language. But that will be concerning the backend technology. At the frontend, you need to develop the XML or JSON structure that will have different attributes. For example, in the XML file, we use tags like </>, while in JSON, the same tags will be replaced with “”:“”.

Therefore, based on the business requirements, you need to code the programs so that when the XML file is interchanged into JSON and vice versa, the attributes and their respective values for the API won’t change. Also, the JSON format won’t be visible if we consider the application interface integrated with APIs integrated. Instead, it will be integrated with the application’s UI elements, and the user will be able to use the app with ease.

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Debugging and defect fixing

When there is an error in the APIs, the error log is extracted from the log reports stored in the database. Once the stack file is obtained, you will be able to know the line number and column number where the failure has happened. This will indicate the process service being impacted and the line of the entire code where the error is present.

You need to know how to run the APIs from the local servers and then use the same to find the actual errors. Debugging the APIs is not easy because, most times, the process services are interlinked. Therefore, changing a particular portion of a process service can impact any other process service related to another API. If that happens, the API will again fail, causing more problems.


In this article, we have shared the details you need to know to become a great API developer. Following this, you can efficiently work on your skills and train yourself to handle the application programming interfaces coded in the JSON or XML file format. The information in this blog is curated with the help of experienced developers in our web development company.

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