Eight Do's And Don'ts In Abu Dhabi Travel

Eight Do’s and Don’ts in Abu Dhabi


With the boost in the tourist culture in Abu Dhabi over the past year, the city is adapting to the western culture. However, Islamic culture is still deeply rooted. It is common for tourists to be unfamiliar with the out-and-about of the destination. At the same time, it is best to understand the culture to some extent to blend in with the locals. This way, you can enjoy the trip to Abu Dhabi to the fullest.

The good news is most of the population in Abu Dhabi is non-native foreigners. They work there and live with their families. This makes it easier for the tourists, as they have to understand only some cultural norms. While you are booking your stay via a travel agency in Abu Dhabi, do not forget to learn the etiquette and culture of Abu Dhabi.

Do’s and Don’ts in Abu Dhabi

Mistakes while traveling is common. However, you can avoid this by learning the basics Do’s and Don’ts when visiting Abu Dhabi. Read this article to know before you go, as this article will provide insights into the rich heritage of Abu Dhabi.

Dress Modestly

While keeping the temperature of the Middle East in mind, it is necessary to dress according to the climate to stay comfortable. However, being a Muslim state, we suggest dressing modestly with respect to the locals. Try to cover the shoulders and knees. While visiting the mosque, ensure you choose the proper attire to cover to respect the worshippers there.

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Due to the scorching temperature during the daytime, we advise you to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Tourists drink bottled water instead of tap water. However, it is safe to drink tap water. Moreover, while dining out, remember that the water is not for free. So when you order it, ask for a local brand to avoid paying extra for imported water bottles.


There are many spots to try delicious food and treat your taste buds. They not only serve Arabic cuisine, but a variety is available. It includes foods from other cultures like Turkey, India, Lebanon and many others. Unlike other countries, street food available in Abu Dhabi is relevantly hygienic and safe to consume. Not to forget very tasty and flavourful.


Public display of affection is not prohibited in Abu Dhabi. However, it is disgraceful to display affection in public apart from holding hands. The couple must remain respectful of the culture to avoid any legal trouble. Otherwise, the police will arrest you for showing indecency in public.


Being a Muslim state, Abu Dhabi only allows alcohol consumption in licensed bars and hotels. Moreover, ensure the area you are consuming alcohol in is permissible, as certain hotels and restaurants don’t allow it. Consequently, drinking in public is against the law. We also suggest drinking at a certain limit, so you do not get drunk. And especially, never drive after consuming alcohol. As these may lead to serious trouble with the law.


When greeting an opposite gender in Abu Dhabi, you must not initiate a handshake. Unless the other person extends their hand. The reason is that Muslims are not allowed due to religious reasons. There is a division between the two genders, which travelers must respect. However, a warm smile while greeting is highly appreciated.

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The authorities consider illegal drugs very seriously. Even some prescription drugs are illegal in Abu Dhabi. The law applies to consumption and even production. Buying, selling, and storing can also lead to serious consequences. This can lead you to the punishment of several years in jail with a hefty amount of fine.


Capturing pictures of people without their consent is a cybercrime in UAE. Those who will photograph strangers will lead to a 500,000 AED fine. And six months in prison. The residents can file a lawsuit against the photographer if they upload the picture on social media. And what can make it worse? If you have been taking photographs of women.

The photography law also expands to other objects. For instance, car accidents, government buildings, embassies, military installations, and airplanes. And if you share it on social media, it will make it worse for you. Thus, it would be best to concentrate only on tourist attractions and beautiful sights. You must be careful and not get into trouble for photographing forbidden sights.

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Wrap Up

Are you ready for your trip to Abu Dhabi now? It is crucial to be aware of the location you are planning your visit. Perhaps this article will help you be mindful during your vacation in Abu Dhabi. Be carefree and enjoy the trip to the fullest. It is better to travel safely rather than call for trouble. Make the most out of your wonderful trip to Abu Dhabi.

Hamza Ehs