Top Experiences In Thailand That You Absolutely Cannot Miss On Your Exotic Vacation

Traveling to Thailand? You cannot afford to miss out on these things to do


Thailand tops the list of international travel; this is true for most Indians. Why so? It is easy to fathom this. Thailand continues to impress tourists with its spectacular beaches, mystical temples, and the urban city of Bangkok. It is a nation where it is highly unlikely to get bored. 

Thailand is also well-known as the Land of Smiles. It is aptly seen from the minute you step out of the flight and are surrounded by genuine and friendly locals. There are infinite things to explore and places to discover in Thailand. One thing is for sure; you will face a tough time narrowing down the list of things to do in Thailand. Worry not; I have got your back with the list below: 


Visit the Grand Palace 

The Grand Palace is probably the most well-known tourist site in the heart of Bangkok. The Siamese monarch, his administration, his court, and the Royal Mint all resided at the palace for 150 years. There is so much to explore at the palace having an area of around 218400 square meters. To tour its grounds would require two to three hours. The architecture is stunning; with every inch of the palace adorned with colorful decorations and gold, and it is truly a sight to see. To visit this palace, one needs to wear appropriate clothing. You might not be permitted admission to the palace if you do not. 

Have a Thai Massage 

When in Thailand – you must experience Thai massage, which is unique from the typical massage you have ever had. It is a traditional healing process. The process involves yoga poses, acupressure, and Ayurvedic concepts. This quintessential style of massage offers numerous health benefits ranging from busting stress to boosting energy. The rejuvenating and energizing effects of a Thai massage are something you should definitely experience while visiting Thailand.

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Take a trip to Koh Phi Phi.

Koh Phi Phi Island is a famous one. The beach gained popularity after a James Bond movie and another popular one – The Beach – starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This stunning island is in Krabi. The ultimate of what everyone has seen on travel shows about Thailand is Koh Phi Phi. Koh Phi Phi presents a range of activities like island hopping, rock climbing, snorkeling, diving, etc. Explore the markets, shops, and local cuisine, or relax on the beach. You should definitely visit this tropical paradise in Thailand.

Drive like a local 

The best part to experience and feel the vibe of a particular place is roaming freely through the streets of the city. While you are in Thailand, riding around on a scooter is a popular activity. Although, at times, you may feel that no driving laws exist here, it will be a lot of fun swirling through the traffic. Just be cautious to be at your wits at all times. 

Indulge yourself in Thai Cuisine. 

While you are in Thailand – you have to taste the local cuisine. Thai cuisine is amongst the most relished and famous cuisines. Thai food is an exotic blend of flavors and sights. Thai streets are lined with food stalls creating a sensory experience as you walk past them. You will see big pots and woks can be seen searing with spices, herbs, and various dishes. It will compel you to stop and taste them. If you are not fond of street-side stalls, try the numerous Thai restaurants offering the same delicacies. 

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Take a trip to Wat Arun. 

Surprisingly, Thailand is also renowned for it’s more than thousands of Buddhist temples. One of them is Wat Arun. The temple has the name of Aruna, the God of Dawn. The temple is one of the beautiful sights on the Chao Phraya River banks. The height of the temple is around seventy-nine meters. It is embellished with Chinese porcelain and colorful glass. You can climb the steep steps to reach the summit and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the city and the river. This temple of Dawn also features beautiful courtyards and gardens. 

Explore Chiang Mai Night Bazaar 

The Chiang Mai road would seem an ordinary one; during the day, full of shops, tourists, tuk-tuk, and guest houses. But as soon as the sun sets, you will see a total metamorphosis. Hundreds of stalls line the kilometer stretch turning the region into a shopping haven. You will find many different products on sale in this bazaar. This vibrant market is popular among locals and tourists. While browsing through the stalls, enjoy the live entertainment options and delicious local dishes.

Go to a full-moon party. 

Amongst many characteristics of Thailand tourism – enjoying a full moon party is a magical experience. One of the beaches in Thailand – Koh Phangan, features the best full moon party. More than thirty thousand tourists travel to Koh Phangan beach to celebrate the party. The party features nonstop drinking, music, and color. Be merry and dance till the sun rises.

Travel to Ayutthaya city. 

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Do not miss a trip to this UNESCO global site, the city of Ayutthaya. It was once the capital of Siam and now features temples, historical sites, palaces, and ancient ruins. Tourists can explore the iconic Wat Mahathat, the imposing Wat Phra Si Sanphet, and the stunningly restored Bang Pa-In Palace. The city is also well-known for its scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage, and delicious street food. 

ConclusionSumming it up, Thailand is a nation that is bound to take your breath away with its breathtaking scenery, vibrant culture, and rich heritage. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, nature lover, foodie, or have a keen interest in culture, Thailand is going to be quite a fulfilling travel option. Add these experiences to your tour itinerary. With so much to discover and explore, your Thailand Tour Packages will be a fun and something that you cannot miss.