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Trench Coat Collection by SocialShop

We recently found a brand named SocialShop. SocialShop is an international online women’s fashion brand based in San Francisco, CA, winning recognition and trust from customers throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Today we’ll dig about their best selling trench coat.

Trench Coat

Trench coat shines all year round. It is a double breasted raincoat with a belt and straps on the shoulders, usually made from a cotton fabric.It’s truly the unsung hero of lightweight outerwear that exists to provide the perfect layer when rain showers are relentless, but flowers are blooming everywhere! And the best part? Trench coats look equally amazing on women and are just always in style— one of the most classic items of our time! 

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When it comes to a heritage coat, it’s hard to go wrong. These classic faceless and black double- breasted, wrapped, and collared styles are as dateless as ever and are a chief when it comes to outerwear. In addition to the foundational rudiments that make a trench a trench, these ultramodern interpretations of the faceless coat include streamlined details like two- tone paneling, cape- suchlike sleeves, pleated bodices, and side cutouts. In leather, the trench coat transforms from its heritage roots to downright hep cool, this ultra-luxe aesthetics are loved by supermodels and fashion girls likewise. Because of its water- resistant fabrication, trench coats are a common style choice for spring’s stormy days. This selection of single- breasted outlines is analogous to that of a Mac coat, streamlined with no redundant bells and hisses.

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If you do not own a trench coat yet, seriously consider buying one. We highly recommend this trench coat from SocialShop that costs only $37.99. The size runs from M to XXXL, with collars ranging from classic khaki, green and black.    It is elegant, classy, and comfortable enough so that you can wear it in any occasion or underneath it with a sweater or a blazer.



SocialShop team is committed to providing their consumers with the best products and shopping experience with a dedicated department that analyzes the market and designs products, while selecting the best manufacturers and suppliers.  They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy that ensures their customers enjoying their shopping experience without any concern.

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