Different types of QuickBooks File Extensions

types of QuickBooks File Extensions

QuickBooks is a complete accounting solution that can handle all your business’s accounting requirements. QuickBooks is specially designed to meet the bookkeeping requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. Although it is primarily an accounting program, it also offers advanced features like inventory tracking. It can manage your invoices, track cash flow, pay bills, as well as perform many other functions. These services require many components in addition to the various file types. These services require various QuickBooks file extensions.

What is Quickbooks File Extension and how can it help me?

Extensions are strings of characters that are attached to a filename and typically appear after a period. They baobaz help with identification and file format. QuickBooks uses a wide range of extensions to classify its files and component files. We will be discussing the various file types and their extensions as well as their functions in this article.

Types of Quickbooks File Extension

1. File Extensions in QuickBooks for Common Files

The most igautolike frequently used files in QuickBooks are those that are common to all users. These file extensions are used by QuickBooks to access such files:

  • Company File (QBW),: The QuickBooks Desktop application contains a.qbw extension. It includes all financial data and journal entries.
  • Backup File (QBB: QuickBooks offers the ability to create a backup file of your Company File in order to restore any lost or damaged data. These files are saved by QuickBooks with the.qbb extension.
  • Portable file (QBM: You can create a portable version of your QuickBooks Company file that you can move around or e-mail. These files can be saved by QuickBooks as.QB file.
  • Bank Statement file (QBO). You can import bank transactions into QuickBooks and save the file as a.qbo.
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2. QuickBooks File Extension for Accountant Files

Different types of accountant files can be saved in QuickBooks. These extensions are found in QuickBooks files:

  • Review copy file (QBX). Users can create a backup copy to the Company file in case they need to send it to their accountant. The file is saved as a.qbx extension and can be exported to an accountant. This file is made into an accountant’s copy when the accountant opens it.
  • Accountant’s copy file (QBA). When the review file is sent by the user, the accountant opens it and makes it an accountant copy. The extension for such files becomes “.qba”.
  • Accountant’s copy import file (QBY). After reviewing the file, the accountant will send the file back after making any necessary changes. After importing the file.by, you can make modifications to your company file.
  • General journal Entries File: To add journal entries made by your accountant, you can ask your accountant for a.qbj format.

Types of QuickBooks Files Extension for Mac Systems

Different file types exist for Windows Operating Systems and Mac. There are many different QuickBooks File extensions for Mac users. These are the ones we have listed below:

  • QuickBooks Mac saves company files with QB2018, QB2017, and others. Extensions. It is important to note that QB2018 indicates that the company file was created for QuickBooks for Mac 2018.
  • Backup File: You can use the MAC.QBB extension file to transfer the Company file from a Mac to a Windows-based computer. This is a backup file that can be used to transfer.
  • Apple Property file: QuickBooks files relating to registration and preferences can be saved in your Mac system under plist files.
  • Disk Image File: The file is saved as a DMG when you make a backup of your QuickBooks enterprise for Mac version company file. This file is very similar to the QBB File of QuickBooks Windows.
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Last words:

We discussed the various QuickBooks file extensions and their types as well as their functions in this article. These extensions are important for both the user and the application. You can still reach us if you have questions or need assistance with the extensions within the QuickBooks Desktop app.

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