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The craze for adventure sports has increased with a boom in the current generation. Adventure sports have now become activities done for leisure. Among these adventure activities trekking has been the one which is most trending and popular nowadays. As this trend for trekking is growing, so is the number of trekking destinations that were not known to people earlier. 

Today I will be giving you an ultimate guide about one of the most famous and amazing trekking destinations of Karnataka i.e. The Kodachadri trek.


Shimoga is the place where the well-known Kodachadri trek is located. The 11 km-long journeys is accompanied by waterfalls that are in full flow. The surrounding scenery is stunning. At Mookambika Wildlife Park, the hike begins. Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary concludes at the peak, making it a great choice for your trek’s conclusion. A deep Shola forest that is typical of the western ghats surrounds the pathways.

You can reach the Mookambika Temple at the summit of the mountain by hiking there. The stunning Indian State of Karnataka is home to the Kodachadri region.

This is a terrific way to spend a weekend getaway because Kodachadri is situated right in the center of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll get the chance to look about and admire the stunning scenery. September to February is the best time for hiking in Kodachadri. The trail is around 15 kilometers long.

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The weather will be cooler, with fewer clouds and more sunlight, from September until January. With the help of a jeep, reaching there gets easy. The ideal time to begin the hike is now. The trek would be more amazing if you are healthy and active. 

Best time for trekking in Kodachadri:

October to February is an ideal time for Kodachadri treks. The best times to go to the Kodachadri Trek is after the monsoon or in the winter.

You will see the region’s lush foliage in all its splendor after the monsoon. At the beginning of summer, when the majority of the route is covered with a mixture of brown and green, the walk can be resumed. You will get substantially clearer views throughout the winter than during the rainy season.

The walk can be undertaken in the summer. When you transition from the woodland area to the grasslands, the colors will be noticeably browner in the shadow.

During Monsoon there is heavy rainfall so the trek becomes slippery. Be prepared for the difficulty of trekking during the rains if you decide to pursue this option. Make sure that you have the appropriate equipment, and travel with someone who is experienced in trekking and navigation. Trekking at the height of the monsoon raises the difficulty of the journey.

About the route of Trek:

Three base communities offer access to the Kodachadri Trek. It is possible to start the trek from Nittur, Kattinahole, or even the Vallur side.

  • Start your hike from the Kattinahole side of the village if you are driving your vehicle to the base. Hidlumane Falls is where you can begin the trek, or you can continue on the jeep road to the Kodachadri Top.
  • Through the forest part, hiking is reasonably simple from the Vallur side. However, if you trek on this trail by yourself, you will miss out on one of Hidlumane Falls’ main attractions.
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The route from Karakatte via Santhosh Hotel, Valur, is the simplest for this walk. Private vehicles might readily give you access to a little community where the hotel is located, from which one can start the 4-5 hour hike to the peak.

On your way down from Kodachadri, you’ll take the third trail, which is the longest and is essentially a jeep route.

The Moola Mukambika temple, which also has a PWD guest house and serves as a significant landmark on the climb to the peak, serves as the final destination for all three pathways. The summit is around 2 km away from here.

Day 1:beginning the trek

The quaint small guest house adjacent to Sampekatte, which is only a short drive from the trailhead, is a very good homestay, and the exclusively local vegetarian food offered here is a treat to the senses and an experience in and of itself. Also taking care of your every need is the very welcoming elderly couple who manage the establishment.

After a quick breakfast and refreshments, you can repack your bags and prepare for a strenuous day of hiking.

Day 2: Heading for Nagara fort

You will be going to the Nagara Fort, which is in the Karnataka state’s Shimoga district. The remnants of this fort, which were built in the sixteenth century, nevertheless exude an air of antiquity and grandeur. You will want to stop and visit the fort because of the picturesque scenes that you will get while traveling. There is something about this spot that will entice you.

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This trek is among one of the most relaxing and amazing adventures that you can have. It is a highly recommended place to go on a trek. 

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