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Understanding Duct Cleaning


Like any other surface in your home, the air ducts get dirty and require some cleaning. Most homeowners ignore the importance of duct cleaning, which is wrong as dirty air ducts affect the air quality inside. Different factors determine how often you need to clean the air ducts.

There are so many benefits of cleaning the air ducts as there are consequences of not cleaning them. Homeowners understand it is important to clean their air ducts, but in the process, they find themselves with various questions. Check out some of the common questions about duct cleaning and their answers below.

  1. Why Should You Clean The Air Ducts?

The air ducts are the major supply of air into the home, other than the windows and the doors. This is to say that every air particle that gets into your home passes through the air ducts. If the air ducts are dirty, so will the air supplied to the inside.

In other words, dirty air ducts affect the quality of air regulated to the inside. The HVAC system gets air from the air ducts and regulates it to the inside. In case you are wondering, you should know that duct cleaning comes in handy with HVAC cleaning if you want clean air supplied to the inside.

You are likely to face many consequences if you do not clean your air ducts. Dirty air may lead to respiratory diseases for the people living in your home. On the other hand, clogged HVAC overworks to regulate air, draining more power than normal and eventually increasing energy bills.

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In conclusion, you may say that dirty air ducts cost homeowners more in the long run. Cleaning your air ducts should be taken as a must-do to avoid dealing with the consequences in the long term.

  1. How Long Do Cleaning Air Ducts Take?

The time taken to clean the air ducts varies greatly depending on various factors. For instance, bigger homes have more air ducts, and this may take longer to clean than in smaller homes with just a few air ducts, which takes just a few minutes to get the job done.

Other factors include the location of the home. If your home is located in an area that has a lot of contaminants like pollen grains and is very dusty, you may take longer to clean the ducts because there will be more dirt.

The number of technicians doing the cleaning also affects the time taken to clean. The higher the number, the less time is taken, and vice versa. If your home has a complicated ductwork system, it may take longer than in a home with simple ductwork.

  1. What Is The Cost Of Cleaning The Air Ducts?

The cost may vary depending on the rate of inflation for different countries but the average is between $450 and $1000. The price is also affected by factors such as the size of your home and different charging rates by different companies.

You may also incur additional charges if there is a need for additional services that come up during the duct cleaning process. The good thing is that cleaning the air ducts is a one-time cost that will save you unplanned costs in the long run due to dirty air ducts.

  1. How Regularly Should Cleaning The Air Ducts Be?
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The frequency of cleaning the air ducts also depends on various factors. For instance, how fast they get dirty determines the intervals required for cleaning.

If you have pets or other animals that shed fur and dander, you should also clean the air ducts more often. In cases where you have people suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, you also need to ensure the quality of air inside is good by all means.

You may need to consider HVAC cleaning more often to avoid high energy bills. Always inspect the ductwork to determine how often you need it cleaned.

  1. How To Determine A Good Contractor

With high rates of scammers, you should take your time when hiring a contractor to clean the air ducts. Check out for licenses and insurance to be certain you are working with legit people. 

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