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Unlocking The Benefits Of Buying Organic Chicken – What You Need To Know

Unlocking The Benefits Of Buying Organic Chicken - What You Need To Know

Today, it’s more important than ever to buy organic chicken. Not only are organic foods generally healthier for you, but they also have several benefits that go beyond the obvious. This blog post will explore some of these benefits and how you can unlock them by buying organic chicken. We hope that by learning about these benefits and getting tips on taking advantage of them, you will be encouraged to switch to organic chicken and help support sustainable agriculture.

What is Organic Chicken?

Organic chicken is chickens that have been fed an organic diet. Organic farming practices help keep the environment clean and free from harmful chemicals, which in turn helps preserve the chickens’ health. While not all chickens are raised organically, buying organic chicken ensures that your bird is given a healthy and nutritious diet.

The Benefits of Buying Organic Chicken:

When it comes to buying organic chicken, there are several benefits that you need to be made aware of. Here are just a few:

1. Organic chicken is healthier. Organic poultry is generally lower in fat and calories than conventionally raised poultry. For example, a 3-pound organic chicken has around 92 calories, while a 3-pound conventional chicken has around 170 calories.

2. Organic chicken is more environmentally-friendly. Chickens raised conventionally often consume grains, which can contribute to environmental problems such as deforestation and water depletion. On the other hand, chickens organically raised on pasture typically eat vegetation and insects, which can benefit the environment because they’re less destructive than livestock farming methods involving feedlots. 

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3. Organic chicken is better for your conscience. Buying organic poultry helps you avoid eating animals treated poorly or killed unnecessarily. Many conventional poultry farms routinely give their birds antibiotics and other drugs to fend off disease, which can create health risks for the chickens (and ultimately us).

4. Organic chicken tastes better. Conventionally-raised chickens often have a gamier taste that may differ from everyone. Organic poultry is usually more delicate in flavor, and some people even claim that it has a slightly sweeter taste.

5. Organic chicken is more expensive. Organic meat is more expensive than conventionally-raised meat because organic farming requires more intensive care and natural resources such as land, water, and seeds. However, there are many good deals on organic chicken if you shop around.

How to Choose the Right Organic Chicken?

When you’re grocery shopping for organic chicken, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are three tips to help you choose the right organic chicken for your needs.

First, it’s important to consider the type of meat you’re looking for. There are two types of organic chicken: free-range and organic certified human-raised. Free-range chickens have access to the outdoors but may only have some of the benefits of a certified human-raised chicken, such as being fed a vegetarian diet and having room to move around.

Next, think about how much meat you want. A 4-pound bag of organic chicken will typically give you four servings, so be sure to factor that in when choosing an option. Finally, decide whether or not you want the bird whole or cut up. Whole-farm fresh chicken breast is expensive but contains more flavor than chopped-up organic chicken breast.

Why buy organic chicken?

There are many reasons to buy organic chicken, but here are a few of the biggest:

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1. Organic chickens have a lower risk of contamination with harmful chemicals.

2. Organic chickens get to roam free and live in a healthier environment.

3. Organic chickens are likely to have higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your health.

4. Organic chicken is less likely to be fed antibiotics, which can increase the risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

5. Organic chicken is less likely to be fed genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

How do you know if your chicken is organic?

If you’re looking to buy organic chicken, there are a few things you need to know. When finding chicken farmers near me for organic chicken, look for labels that state “organic” or “free range.” Organic chickens have access to the outdoors and eat grass and bugs, which are healthier and better for the planet.

Another tip is to buy your chicken whole instead of pre-cut pieces. Cooking a whole chicken in a slow cooker or on the grill gives them a richer flavor and more nutrients than cooking them in processed sauces or wrapped in frozen bread.

Finally, be sure to store your organic chicken properly. Keep it refrigerated if possible, but if not, wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in an airtight container.

What are the risks of buying non-organic chicken?

When it comes to grocery shopping, many people think of only two options: organic or non-organic. But what are the risks of buying non-organic chicken?

There are a few important things to consider when purchasing chicken. The first is whether or not to raise the chickens organically. If not, then there is a higher risk of them being exposed to pesticides and other toxins. These chemicals can end up in the chicken’s flesh and eggs, harming your health.

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Another consideration is where to raise the chickens. Chickens raised in crowded conditions are more likely to develop health problems such as asthma and reproductive issues due to cramped quarters and polluted air. They also may eat contaminated food, which can lead to illness or even death. Finally, if you’re looking for antibiotic-free chicken, check the label since some brands use antibiotics specifically for poultry purposes.

Overall, while there are some benefits to buying organic chicken, it’s important to research before purchasing anything to know what risks you’re taking for your health.

How to Shop for Organic Chicken?

When it comes to purchasing organic chicken, there are a few things you need to know to unlock the benefits. Here are some tips:

1. Look for organic certification.

The first step is to look for organic certification. Not all organic chicken brands carry this designation, so make sure to ask before making your purchase. While not all certified chickens are necessarily free from harmful chemicals, but they will almost certainly be of higher quality than conventionally raised birds.

2. Check the ingredient list.

Once you have found a brand of organic chicken that carries the certification, examine the ingredient list closely. Many mainstream brands include processed foods and other additives in their products which can negatively impact health and taste, so choosing something like Organic Chickens is a healthier option overall.

3. Consider buying frozen chickens instead of fresh ones.

Suppose you’re looking for something quick and easy. In that case, Frozen Foods Direct offers a great selection of both fresh and frozen organic chickens at very reasonable prices – perfect for busy families on the go!


It’s no secret that organic food is healthier for you, and buying chicken can be a great way to improve your diet. In this article, we will go over the basics of organic chicken so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy it. This information will help unlock the benefits of buying organic chicken and improving your diet!

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