Using ANPR Cameras In Australia

Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) makes use of computers and digital camera software comparable with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to collect registration information of vehicles. It can be accomplished by pointing the camera towards vehicles parked, but typically, it is performed by placing the camera near an open road and then checking the traffic passing by. There have been variations of this technology in a majority of Australian States since the 1980s to monitor traffic in heavy vehicles. This technology is akin to, but is different in certain ways from the technology used in speed cameras and red lights cameras.

Australian Number Plates

All vehicles that are registered in Australia must have an official number plate that is displayed clearly on the vehicle. The system of number plates in Australia began at the age of 1. Plates were not controlled, however, and they didn’t have an established site, so things were a little across the board.

In 1936, the number plates were made uniform in terms of size and design that embossed serial numbers. They were not regulated by the state but it was agreed that they would utilize the same designs. This could open the way for technologies like ANPR cameras to be used in Australia.

ANPR for Australia Law Enforcement

Each Australian state and territory currently utilizes fixed and mobile ANPR to assist law enforcement. There’s been some form of this technology used since the 1980s for regulating the traffic flow and also to enforce toll booths. The year 2005 was the first time New South Wales tried out automatic number plate recognition technology to enhance the highway police. There are permanently mounted and moving cameras across Australia.

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Through automatic number plate recognization, you’ll be able to make use of  ANPR Dashboard to build an inventory of the number plates it recognizes. If, for instance, you’re looking to identify theft of vehicles, then you can create a database of Ford, Toyota, and Honda vehicles.

Governments also utilize ANPR in toll stations throughout Australia. Because so many users are paying tolls for the use of ANPR software.

ANPR To Allow Commercial Use In Australia

ANPR can also be utilized by private firms and law enforcement agencies in Australia. Companies operating in Australia can utilize ANPR for a range of purposes, including monitoring parking garages, and monitoring delivery times.

Parking Lots and Garages

For commercial usage, as far as it is concerned, the most popular method ANPR for Australia is utilized is to track parking. ANPR is a way to keep track of who is in and out and the length of time they’ve been in the parking lot and to check whether vehicles are prohibited from entering. Business owners can also make use of the information gathered to determine when the busiest times are and what kind of vehicles park in their garages.

ANPR for Private Business

As we imagine ANPR We imagine law enforcement agencies or parking garages. But that’s not the end of the story! Private companies can use ANPR camera to do a variety of beneficial things in Australia.

For instance, automatic number plate recognition can be used to monitor delivery times. It is possible to set your dashboard to inform you whenever the delivery truck arrives with your belongings. This can also be used to track shoplifters that are moving and departing from your parking area and your business. For instance, if you are using ANPR software installed in your security cameras it will be capable of identifying the number plate of someone who stole their car and fled more easily than traditional CCTV equipment.

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In restaurants, automatic number plate recognition has become very beneficial for curbside pick-up. Employees can track and recognize who is coming to pick up their belongings quickly and efficiently method.


It is an entirely different method of policing specific targets than Automatic number plate recognition permits law enforcement officers to determine the location of every vehicle that is detected in real-time. This information can be stored indefinitely and further expanded each time a vehicle is detected in public. This type of surveillance greatly increases the power of police to watch individuals in public areas and to track their movements throughout time. Also, it creates a historical database that includes the dates/times, directions and the registered owner of all vehicles that were seized have been traveling.


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