Uttari Betta Trek from Bangalore

uttrai betta


Numerous beautiful hills and hillocks await exploration all around Bangalore. You must undoubtedly include this on your bucket list if you intend to cross each one off one by one. Due to its breathtaking beauty, Uttari Betta, also known as Hutridurga, a fortified hill in the south-east of the Kunigal taluk, is one of Karnataka’s most well-known trekking destinations. The five-kilometer hike up this well-known trekking route in Karnataka rewards explorers with breathtaking views that stay etched in their memories for the rest of their life. 

This hike is not only a master of beautiful scenery, but it also exhilarates you with its ancient fort walls and intricate stone steps. This hill fort is claimed to have eight entrances from the base to the peak in addition to the other six exterior gates, which is an interesting information. What is holding up top? The Shankareswar temple, located at the summit of the walk, offers a panoramic view of the area’s hilly terrain. 

With the aid of tunnels, jungles, and enormous rocks, Plan The Unplanned takes you on an exclusive sunrise walk that will leave you in awe at the vastness of life. It ensures that the trekkers have a sense of oneness with the diverse fauna and vegetation along its course. So join on  this walk and become a part of something bigger than all of us if you wish to truly connect to nature. 

A short overview about the iternary

Day 0:

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depart at 11:00 PM from Bangalore ( approx )

Day 1:

Arrive at the base and take a little break.

Trekking begins at 4:00 AM ( approx )

Get to the top and investigate

Reach the base by 7:30 AM after descending (approx)

Head into town for a wonderful breakfast.

Arrive in Bangalore by noon ( approx).

Detailed internary

At 11 PM, the trip departs from Bengaluru. Once everyone has agreed to go, the trek leaders will have you take part in various activities to help you forget about any leftover ideas from work. The enjoyable activities entail getting to know the trekkers who will become your travelling companions. 

Even after accomplishing all of that, sleep is still crucial for you to enjoy the trip, so think of it as taken care of. 

You will eventually come across a magnificent fort that will instantly transfer you to a whole different universe after wandering through the village for a considerable amount of time in the dark. To find the seven stone doors, proceed through the fort’s walls. The majority of the trail rocks by traversing boulders and steps cut into massive rocks. But don’t worry trek leaders will be there to encourage you and make sure nobody gets left behind at any time. 

When you cross these doors and arrive at the Shankareswar temple, the ascent is complete. The trek’s halfway point is this temple, which is located directly at the top. Take time to enjoy the breathtaking view from the summit because it is unlike any other you have ever seen. 

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Make your way to the rainforest cave, which will enchant you with its whole magnificence, after taking in the beauty at the top of the hill. You will briefly lose all sense of what it is like to be a part of society as you enter a completely different universe. 

The trail will come to an end when you reach a sizable grassland surrounded by sizable rocks at the summit of the hill. Here, surrounded by nothing but green grass, blue skies, and drab boulders, we shall witness the magnificent daybreak. Keep this memory alive for as long as you can since it will serve as a constant reminder of how peaceful you felt at that very moment. 

Items to Bring

A mask and hand sanitizer

Identity documentation is required.

Sunglasses with a sun hat (your wish)

Wear quick-drying sports or trekking pants.

Don light-colored attire.

Do not dress in dark colours.

Keep gold and other jewellery off your person.

sports or hiking boots with excellent traction

Bottle of water or hydration pack 3 to 2 litres

Foodstuffs: Energy bars Glucon D: ORS Powder; dried fruits 

Please dress in full tracksuits and sleeves to protect yourself from the summer sun, thorns, insects, and prickles.

Rain is predicted, so prepare your luggage appropriately to prevent it from becoming wet.

Put your valuables and phones in plastic bags twice.

If you don’t want to get wet, wear rain gear such as a poncho or waterproof jacket.

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