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Venture Capital Africa

The African Private Equity and Venture Capital Africa at WeeTracker Association turn into an- African Industry body with a mission to champion and enable private investment in Africa. WeeTracker plays a significant role in being a champion and effective change agent for the industry, educating, equipping, and connecting members and stakeholders with independent industry research, best practice training programs, and exceptional networking opportunities. Capital turns out to be critical for startups. You cannot create unicorns just by hard work. Very rarely do the founders have access to an inexhaustible source of capital or flow of funds for the operational needs of a startup within the early stages.

Explore sources that young startups like Venture Capital Africa can turn to meet their capital or fund requirements, perhaps venture capital firms and other seed funding sources like Angel Network. However, it should be kept in mind that the funding requirements are not easy to achieve. Thousands of start-ups are set up every month, but only a few of them manage to get funding from venture capitalists. One of the reasons for the poor success rate is that most startups are unable to approach people whose investment thesis aligns with the startup’s objectives. Finding the right group of organizations for funding is an important imperative for startup founders.

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For the vast majority of Venture Capital Africa firms, the number of fund investments they make in a year does not cross the single digits. This indicates that VCs are extremely selective within the firms they invest in. Since they also receive a large number of investment offers, it is also difficult to attract their attention unless the startup is clearly within their interest. Since a successful investment is preceded by several rounds of discussion, fundraising may not be viewed as a game of probabilities. WeeTracker’s VCs help startup founders organize fundraising through venture capitalists in a more systematic way.

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The objective of the platform at Venture Capital Africa is to reduce the element of chance and provides a greater degree of control and certainty within the hands of an Indian Entrepreneur. The search feature along with the multiple filters helps the entrepreneurs to immediately shortlist relevant Venture Capitalists and funds that they may approach. The VCs platform also helps effectively to compare different VCs and funds in such a manner that has never been possible so far. Apart from the startup founders, this platform may also benefit the fund managers to benchmark themselves against other players within the market.

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Nigeria aims to demonstrate a steady commitment to reforms. Investments and securities were passed into law soon after the return of civil rule, opening the economy to foreign investment. The objective of the previous government was to establish Investment and Securities Tribunals for the speedy resolution of disputes arising out of investment deals. The Securities and Exchange Commission reduced transaction rates for equities from 6.9% to 4.2%. International Venture Capital Africa investors represent a growing interest in Nigeria following the liberalization of several important markets such as telecommunications, transportation, and oil marketing. The fact that the new policies have persuaded at least some investors to ignore the high cost of doing business in Nigeria is a significant achievement in itself.

Its large population and market size with the fastest growing industry offer tremendous potential for Nigeria’s economy. Past experience strongly favors huge businesses that have disappointing track records and high failure rates under both private and public operations. The fate of Nigeria’s long-term goals rests on the rapid proliferation of SMEs and their ability to drive an enterprise revolution that will diversify the economy enough to move away from oil and reverse decades of stagnation. It aims to harness SMEs for sustainable development, job creation, and most importantly poverty alleviation.

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Grow your small-scale business and make it big around the world

This is where Venture Capital Africa derives its importance in the context of Nigeria’s long-term ambitions. Private equity investing has been responsible for some notable economic success stories around the world. Entrepreneurs started with angel loans and made India the world’s largest software exporter. Small high-tech businesses sidelined large firms to lead the country’s recovery from the Asian economic crisis. Equity-funded enterprises have similarly recorded high growth figures across developing countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. The global experience with Venture Capital Africa offers several essential considerations in terms of providing the right environment for rapid growth. Furthermore, WeeTracker is the topmost Kenyan Technology Startups that provide users with a one-stop platform for digital payments. 

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