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Warrior 3S 2300 Lumen Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

The Olight warrior 3S better every aspect of the Olight warrior 3 with extra ease of use and safety features. It is capable of 2300 lumen max with over 300 meters throw. The LED has a pretty cooler tint, and TIR lens provides even illumination at any range with a perfect hotspot. The warrior 3S is also equipped with a proximity sensor that mechanically dims the light to stop accidental activation. The tailcap still retains the powerful metal 2 stage tail switch, but now has a locking ring to use with an optional Olight pressure switch. The side switch has been improved with an LED brightness level indicator for quick lighting control.

The warrior 3S comes with a top capacity battery that pushes the max runtime over three hours on high mode and up to 55 days on low mode. Also added is the next generation magnetic USB charging cable from Olight that snaps to the back of the flashlight and gives fast charging.  Maintaining its slim profile, the Warrior 3S model is only 6.21oz/176g only weight. Impact resistant, waterproof, and built tough: upgrade your duty carry to the Warrior 3S today.

Advantages of Warrior 3S 2300

Olight Warrior 3S tactical bright flashlight with 2300 lumens and furnished with TIR lens for a balanced and clean beam that reaches a maximum distance of 300 meters with a highest light intensity of 23000 cd.

The Cigar design of the Olight Warrior 3S is perfect for tactical applications but also as a classic EDC. The body is made of Aluminum alloy and is resistant to wear and scratches.

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In the central part of the body there is a knurling process that provides the flashlight a best grip in any situation even with wet hands or if you are wearing tactical gloves.

The best clip is made of stainless steel and can be used in both situations. The flashlight can therefore be simply attached to pockets, belts, tactical vests, backpacks, and M.O.L.L.E.

The tail switch is easy to activate and big and permits the torch to be turned off and on, as well as the activation of the momentary light. It is 2 stages and permits to activate the Turbo or STrobo with a single press as indicated in the user manual.

The side switch instead permits you to replace the output level. The possible levels are Medium, Moonlight, low, high and Turbo. The lowest level is just one lumen and is perfect as a light point or to highlight in very little distances.

The battery is recharged by means of the magnetic charging interface placed on the tail switch. To charge the device provides a custom USB magnetic charger model MCC3 in the package. Just bring the cable near to the flashlight so that it will mechanically position itself in the right position and the charge will start.

At the front the warrior 3S has a proximity sensor that mechanically reduces the brightness when the flashlight is near an obstacle. The brightness will be increased mechanically when the obstacle will no longer be present. The proximity sensor therefore raises the safety of the torch.

The package also includes a sturdy nylon holster that always guarantees maximum protection to the flashlight. There are belt loops on the back of the holster. The closure takes place by means of a buckle and the torch inside is protected and safe.

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Uses of Warrior 3S tactical flashlight

Tactical flashlights can be used for:

Tactical flashlights were actually designed to illuminate dark areas. If you arrive home late at night, park on a dimly lit street, or walk to your vehicle in a dark parking lot and feel unsafe, using a Warrior 3S tactical flashlight to light your way may be sufficient to keep an attacker away.

Self defense

Tactical flashlights are designed for security, law enforcement, and military experts. So, a tactical flashlight can be used in a number of ways for self-defense, to blind and subdue a rival, or in extreme conditions, to strike and incapacitate a threatening assailant.

To break glass

Another use for tactical flashlights is to break a pane of glass. The key is to apply powerful pressure to an extremely little portion of the glass. Pressure glass breaking tools were actually designed for law enforcement to break a vehicle windows or windshield and bring the occupant to safety.

Use with firearm

Warrior 3S 2300 tactical flashlight can be used by law enforcement in conjunction with a firearm. This is one of the key reasons why tactical flashlights were developed for military and law enforcement. Their high light output and lightweight design makes them perfect for illuminating a dark area with one hand, while holding a firearm in the other.

To signal for help

In another survival scenario, a tactical flashlight can be used to signal for help. Imagine you are in a condition where no amount of hand or shouting is going to get anyone focused. Your best bet in this case is to use some type of visual signal that can be seen from a distance. Given its super beam of light, as well as stroke setting, a tactical flashlight is perfect for signaling for help. Imagine being lost on a hike and needing a person to find you, or your vehicle broke down on a dark road and you need to signal your location to another vehicle for help. A tactical flashlight is the best way to signal for help.

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To start fire

In survival conditions, a tactical flashlight with high light output can be used as a tool to begin a fire. There are many ideas for doing this. One is to break the light to expose the filament in the bulb. Adding flammable materials like wood to the filaments can begin a fire. A second method is to catch the sunlight on the bulb of the lamp and reflect it off a pile of wood or other flammable materials. Finally, the simple way would be to just turn on the flashlight at the top power settings, focus the beam and shine it as near to flammable material as possible.

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