China is known as a place to get quality home products at a competitive price. However, finding the right supplier can be difficult.

For one, you need to look for companies with a good reputation and credibility. These factors will make the process of comparing companies a lot easier.

WDMA – Top Brand Windows & Doors Manufacturers Association

WDMA WINDOWS AND DOORS MADE IN CHINA is the First and Only windows and doors export platform in China founded by top Chinese manufacturers, bringing together excellent local factories to diversify its products to meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions. WDMA offers a variety of high quality windows and doors at wholesale factory prices, customize production for your project, and ship directly from our factories to your home.

Founded in 1927, the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) is the premier trade association representing the leading manufacturers of residential and commercial window, door and skylight products for domestic and export markets. Members manufacture and supply sashes, frames, window units, skylights, flush doors, stile and rail doors and sliding patio door units for residential, commercial and institutional markets. They sell to distributors, dealers, builders, remodelers, architects, contractors and other specifiers.

The WDMA membership includes over 145 U.S. and Canadian manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and contractors in the residential and commercial windows, doors, skylights and related industry sectors. Their products are designed and built to sound performance-based standards and include energy efficient and environmentally responsible options. WDMA works to improve industry standards, advance the use of windows and doors and strengthen the industry’s position in the marketplace.

In addition to advancing Total Product Performance, the Association is dedicated to helping manufacturers and consumers make smarter, more informed decisions. Its research, certification and education programs are focused on improving the quality of products manufactured by its members and creating a more profitable environment for the entire industry.

Through its Hallmark Certification program, the WDMA helps architects, builders, distributors and consumers determine which window and door products meet rigid industry criteria through periodic, independent inspections of manufacturing facilities and testing of representative product units. Those products bearing the Hallmark logo promise to provide the highest levels of performance, air infiltration and sound transmission.

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Despite the recent news of tariff increases, WDMA director of government affairs Kevin McKenney said the group is confident it will be able to exclude more than 60 products from the Stage 3 list of 5,733 imports that will see a rate increase from 25% to 30%. It will be a wait and see game, but McKenney says the association has been engaging with USTR on this issue for some time now. He suggests getting involved by communicating with your elected officials and reaching out to WDMA to help you articulate concerns, navigate exclusion processes and reinforce the weight your opinion carries through collective efforts.

WDMA is the First and Only windows and doors export platform in China.


The UPVC windows and doors market in China has witnessed substantial growth in recent years. This is largely attributed to increasing awareness of the benefits that uPVC offers as a building material, ongoing industrialization, and expanding residential and commercial construction activities in the country.

UPVC windows and doors are low maintenance, cost-effective products that provide efficient thermal insulation and aid in energy conservation. They also help in reducing noise levels and improve the living environment.

These products are becoming increasingly popular in the global market. Moreover, they have received wide acclaim from architects and designers for their stylish appearance and durability.

The market for UPVC doors and windows is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of more than 7% through 2021. The growing demand for these products will be driven by the increased construction activities in the country, ongoing industrialization, and expanding residential and retail sectors.

UPVC windows and doors can be customized according to your requirements and specifications, making them ideal for your projects. They can be crafted from wood, aluminum, and vinyl and have excellent performance characteristics that can last for decades to come.

Another important factor that contributes to the market’s growth is rising consumer spending on home improvement projects and renovations. This is largely due to increasing awareness of the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features that UPVC products offer, as well as increasing disposable income levels among the general population.

This trend will continue in the future, as UPVC doors and windows gain popularity in the residential sector. In fact, this segment accounted for the largest share of total UPVC window and door imports to the United States in 2020.

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If you are looking for a professional and reliable supplier of UPVC windows and doors, you should consider WDMA – the First and Only windows and doors export platform in China. Founded by Chinese Top Brand Manufacturers, WDMA unites excellent local factories to produce high-quality UPVC windows and doors for worldwide markets.

WDMA specializes in providing a range of UPVC windows and doors, as well as soundproof window solutions, for both commercial and residential projects. These products are designed and manufactured by a team of highly skilled professionals and are offered at factory-direct prices.

WDMA is a reliable supplier of windows and doors.

The window and door industry is a global industry that has been growing at both the residential and commercial levels. This growth is fueled by the demand for energy-efficient products that meet the standards of performance.

In the United States and Canada, there are a variety of performance requirements for windows and doors that need to be met to pass inspections, including air infiltration, water penetration, structural performance, forced entry and secondary testing. This can make choosing the best product for your project more complicated than it may seem.

As a result, it is important to work with a reliable supplier. A manufacturer that specializes in this area will know how to meet the requirements of your local building codes and will be able to provide you with the most energy-efficient products available.

For example, WDMA is one of the top manufacturers that supplies windows in wood, aluminum and vinyl. They have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, making them a great partner to work with on your projects.

There are many companies in China that supply windows and doors at a reasonable price, but only a few of them will meet all the needs of your project. Using the right factory can ensure you get the right product for your budget.

WDMA is a leading association of windows and doors manufacturers representing approximately 145 U.S. and Canadian manufacturers of windows, skylights and doors for both the domestic and export markets. The Association provides resources, advocacy and professional programs for its members.

The WDMA website features an array of information on the industry, including product specifications, certifications and testing requirements. It also has a large collection of articles on the history and development of windows and doors.

In addition to the window and door industry, WDMA also has a variety of other trade groups that have products or services to offer you. These include the Association of Exterior Door & Window Distributors (AEDWD), which represents distributors in North America and other parts of the world, the Architectural Manufacturers Association (AMA), which is an organization of architects, engineers and other professionals who design or manufacture windows, doors and skylights for residential and commercial buildings, and the Teknos US Inc. which manufactures paints and coatings for the building industry, and is headquartered in North Carolina.

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WDMA is a professional manufacturer of windows and doors.

WDMA is the leading trade association representing manufacturers of residential and commercial window, door and skylight products. Its mission is to promote, protect and advance the use of high performance, quality windows, doors and skylights. WDMA provides advocacy, education and standards and certification to support the industry.

Founded in 1927, WDMA is focused on Total Product Performance(tm) — products designed and built to sound performance-based standards. WDMA defines these standards, advances them in the industry and provides resources, education and professional programs designed to support business growth.

One of the most important and beneficial products WDMA offers to its members is its Hallmark Certification program. WDMA Hallmark certified products are built to rigid industry specifications and inspections. All WDMA Hallmark certified products receive an air, water, structural and impact performance rating.

In order to maintain the integrity of a WDMA Hallmark product, Administrative Management Systems (AMS) conducts semi-annual plant audits at participating production facilities. During the audit, AMS staff reviews each product to ensure that it has not been altered or added to without prior authorization from WDMA.

Additionally, AMS performs periodic testing of specific components in order to verify that they are constructed as required. Upon verification of compliance, AMS will release a WDMA Hallmark Certificate of Conformance and License to a participating manufacturer.

WMDA also publishes industry research and statistical reports. The most recent release is the 2020 U.S. Industry Market Study, prepared by The Farnsworth Group based on industry input for product shipments in 2019.

In addition, WDMA sponsors a variety of educational webinars that focus on a wide range of topics that interest both WDMA members and builders, architects, remodelers and specifiers. These seminars offer continuing education credits from a number of professional associations, including AIA, DHI and NARI.

The WDMA Learning Center is the industry’s leading online source for on-demand education and technical information. It features over 170 on-demand webinars on a broad range of topical and technical matters relating to the window, door and skylight industries.

The WDMA also publishes a monthly Executive Update on key industry issues. This monthly summary of notable articles affecting the window, door and skylight industry is designed to provide busy executives with easy-to-read and informative news briefs on relevant topics.