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What Are Ada Ramp Slope Requirements?

We all know the challenge of moving from one place to another faced by people with disability issues. We all face various challenges in life but one of the most difficult tasks is to be dependent on others. 

To make it easy for people with mobility issues various accessibility ramps and equipment are invented. People who use wheelchairs prefer using ramps to move from one place to other. 

Wheelchair ramps help people with mobility issues to gain freedom and independence to live their life. Following ADA requirements for ramps ensures that each model is safe and easily accessible for people with disabilities. These guidelines are required for commercial and public properties. 

Around millions of Americans have some type of disability. Due to this an act named the Americans disability act was passed. The ADA aims to make America a world leader in discrimination protection. Building an ADA ramp is necessary for millions of American businesses and public institutions. 

So, in this article, we will study the ADA ramp slope requirements. 

Ramp Slope Requirements:

  1. The least possible slope shall be used for a ramp.
  2. The ramp must have a 1:12 slope ratio. This means that there must be a one-inch rise in the ramp for 12 inches of the ramp. Residential ramps need not follow ADA commercial code but they are suggested to have not more than a 2:12 ratio. 
  3. All edges are to build in such a way that there is a risk of falling off.
  4. The ramp cannot be longer. It has been stated that these ramps should be longer than 30 feet. 
  5. The minimum width should be 36 inches. 
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Benefits Of Having Wheelchair Ramps At Your Home:

Increase Independence And Mobility:

Ramps are designed to increase the mobility and capability of individuals. Access ramps play an important role in helping people with physical disabilities to move from one place to another freely. Because of ramp slopes, they are not dependent on others.

Enhances The Appearance Of The House:

The ramp slope also helps to enhance the look of your house. Modern access ramps are made from various materials. Modular ramps are made up of aluminum, wood, etc whereas permanent ramps are made of concrete. You can choose the ramp according to the theme and decor of your house. 

Convenient For Everyone:

Ramps are not only useful for people with mobility issues but for normal individuals also. Other people also take advantage of access ramps. People use access ramps to easily transport heavy items. These are also used by seniors of the family who find it difficult to climb the stairs. 

Added Safety:

Ramps make it safe for disabled people to move from one place to other. These also provide safety during rainy and harsh weather conditions. According to the ADA slope calculator, it is necessary to have hand drills. 

Improves Home’s Resale Value:

Having access ramp slopes also has financial benefits. Adding access ramps directly affects the overall worth of a home or property. People are ready to pay the asked amount because it makes the house more appealing. 


People with mobility issues are mostly frustrated. Ramp slope helps by boosting confidence in disabled people. They can move from one place to another with confidence. 

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Disadvantage  Of Ramps:

Ramps have numerous benefits but there are cases that shows ramps can be dangerous. So, here are a few side disadvantages of ramps. 

Steep Ramp Slope:

A steep ramp can lead be very dangerous. It can throw you backward. Steep ramps pose a great danger to anyone who uses them. According to the building codes the minimum slope of the ramp must be 1:12. 

Ramps Without Handrails:

It can be very dangerous to use a ramp without a handrail. According to the building codes a ramp over 6 feet in length is required to have a handrail. During rainy or snowy seasons the ramps can get slippery. So, it is important to have handrails if the person begins to fall. 

Material Of The Ramp:

A wooden ramp is considered to be dangerous. It is important to choose the right material for the ramp slope. Wood can rot over time and there can be a huge risk to the life of the person using it. Also, these ramps are not slip-resistant as wood holds moisture and can become slippery during the rainy season. 

So, it is clear from the above article that the ramp slope calculator helps to calculate the ideal safe ramp slope for your needs. According to the ADA calculator if any of the ramp slopes provides harm to your loved ones you can simply file the case. Thus, ramp slopes are very much useful for people with mobility issues to move. Ramps make it easy for wheelchair users to move. 

Chetan Kapoor