What are some of the corporate gifts that are customisable?

Who doesn’t like receiving business swag and gifts at work? On the other hand, conventional custom-branded business gifts might be a little too predictable. Why not think outside the box now that almost everyone has a business-branded notebook and a company pen? This year, take your office Christmas celebration to the next level with thoughtful, one-of-a-kind corporate gifts that everyone will enjoy using.

From logo-branded herb plants to beautify their workplaces to bulk corporate candles to assist your workers in relaxing at home on those stressful days, we’ve got you covered. Choose Merchology this year for a one-of-a-kind corporate gift that your workers will discuss for months! Read on to discover the most popular creative corporate gift ideas that your customers and coworkers will like this holiday season.

1. Custom Planters and Herb Garden Kits

Custom planters and logo-branded home garden kits are the presents that keep on giving. You give recipients the pot, soil, and seeds; they can cultivate the plant themselves directly at their workplace or home!

Choose from our variety of plants and herbs, which includes basil, cilantro, mint, aloe vera, sycamore tree, spruce tree, and daisies. Plus, if you provide these unique plant kits to your staff, your workplace will be the greenest in town!

2. Custom Serving Trays & Charcuterie Boards

Gift your team colleagues a personalized charcuterie board or serving tray as an important entertaining piece! Our assortment includes whole sets with dishes, marble embellishments, and ornamental home elements!

 These trays are composed of precious wood materials and come in various stains, making them the ideal kitchen accent piece. Your recipient will enjoy utilizing this personalized present on their next occasion, and your brand will be displayed elegantly!

3. Custom Yoga Mats

Bring some zen to your workplace by providing everyone on your team with a personalized yoga mat with your printed business logo. Taking a yoga break throughout the workday is a terrific method for workers to de-stress and relieve the tension and pain that comes with sitting at a desk all day. These logo-branded yoga mats also have elastic bands for storage and a shoulder strap for convenient transport from the vehicle to the yoga class! With the unique corporate gift of corporate branded yoga mats, you can promote health and well-being while actively advertising your business.

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4. Custom Candles

When your business logo is put on the front of a custom branded candle, it is the ideal complement to your workers’ self-care regimen or even the ideal workstation accessory! Logo-branded candles are a one-of-a-kind business gift that you can utilize at the workplace or home, and they make an excellent present for anybody on your list.

 Custom branding candles are a stylish complement to your company’s holiday presents and can be added to any customized gift box. We offer a fantastic selection of candles in various designs and smells, making it simple to discover the ideal combination for your staff and customers!

5. Custom Fanny Packs

We’re not sure why logo-branded fanny packs fell out of fashion since they’re so helpful! Fortunately, bespoke fanny packs are as fashionable and useful as ever. Add your business logo to a customized fanny pack for a one-of-a-kind corporate gift to keep your belongings secure, your hands-free, and your pockets empty!

6. Custom Embroidered Blankets

Here is another idea for your corporate gifts! Custom logo blankets are always popular, particularly during the holidays. Corporate blankets and custom embroidered quilts are the coziest corporate presents available, whether you’re cuddling up on the sofa with an excellent book or sitting at your desk in a cold office. All that’s needed is your company’s primary embroidered logo. Check out the variety of customized embroidered blankets right now!

7. Custom Cocktail Accessories

You can bring happy hour to the recipient’s home when you design cocktail accessories and bar equipment! These things are wonderful presents, since they fit personnel in any profession, and don’t need collecting any sizes! This simple gift idea is ideal for marking anniversaries, welcoming the new year, or ending a successful team endeavor. Customize glassware, cocktail kits, insulated can coolers, and even ice buckets with your brand!

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8. Personalized Photo puzzle:

Custom printed picture puzzles are a wonderful business present that every member of your company will enjoy! Customize the picture on these customizable puzzles with your company symbolism and a photo of your crew for a one-of-a-kind workplace gift. Coworkers will have a fantastic time putting this bespoke puzzle together, and you can make it much more fun by holding a race to see who can complete it the quickest.

9. Smart Drinkware

You’ve probably given your team personalized water bottles, coffee cups, or tumblers. Although these things are fantastic, your personalized drinkware collection does not have to end there. With these intelligent drinkware types that blend technology with hydration, you can take your drinkware to the next level. Ember will maintain your beverage at the optimal temperature,

 so no more cold coffee! The HidrateSpark bottle links to an app to keep you on track with your hydration goals, while LARQ adds self-cleaning technology to a sleek water bottle design.

10. Custom Gift Boxes and Bundles

Here’s a clever corporate gift idea for businesses that can’t gather their entire employees in one place or wish to send out client presents. With our custom gift boxes and gift bundles, you can choose from six incredible corporate gift packages that include bespoke items with your business logo.

We’ll carefully wrap each gift set and drop mail it to everyone on your list, or we’ll send it straight to your door. It’s your call!

Custom Wallet Ninjas

It’s easy to get worried and disillusioned after working from home.

Opening a box, tightening a loose screw, or getting a paper cut while attempting to open a letter are all minor annoyances that, with the correct tools, may be fixed or avoided in no time.

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This is when WalletNinja 18-in-1 multi-tool gadgets come in handy. They are a little larger than a typical credit card, and you may tailor every part of your selected model with a corporate custom WalletNinja.

Custom Headphones

We all use headphones nowadays, whether to listen to music or to follow Zoom calls. You can be sure that your staff will love this unique corporate gift, whether you give them wireless Bluetooth headphones or a traditional, lower-tech model!

Custom Backpacks and Duffle Bags

If your workers often travel for business, you may simplify their lives by providing them with handy travel products. Consider a customized passport holder or mini mirrors for smaller electronics. On the other hand, branded backpacks and duffel bags are always appreciated!

Custom Sustainable Lunch Boxes: 

Working lunches are no longer reserved for your team’s workaholics. Most professionals nowadays take a shorter lunch break and complete their job early. With a sustainably manufactured bamboo bento or lunch box, you may inspire them to take their sustainability aims more seriously – and enjoy their food!co


Today, if you’re a large firm, keeping your corporate giving activities rolling might be difficult—especially if you have a few ongoing initiatives in addition to your annual occasion gifts.

These are just some of the corporate gifts Singapore that you will surely love! You also don’t wanna miss the other gift ideas that you can find not just in the physical store but also through online shops to make your shopping experience more convenient–online jewelry singapore shops, sculptures, frames, and many more!

Plan your corporate giving requirements ahead of time to provide adequate time for your logo to be applied and for delivery in time for your event or occasion.

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