What Are Some Popular Food Items Served In Trains?

What are some popular food items served in trains?

What are some popular food items served in trains?

We only truly appreciate a filled Paratha or Litti, a steaming mug of tea, and warm beds during the colder months. On brisk days, some people enjoy exploring the country’s natural wonders. In India, you can visit locations with warm temperatures, less chilly climates, and locations where you can see snow.

if you have a leisurely winter vacation scheduled and are not in a rush. Perhaps the best mode of transportation is a train. If you choose to take a sleeper class train, you may not only get to eat your favorite Food In Train, such as Poha, Chinese, Biryani, or Chicken Korma, but also take in the changing weather as you pass through different regions. e-catering platform Zoop provides a range of options for Food In Train, from regional to continental, to ensure that every passenger has a wonderful experience with their train meal.

Your journey will be more memorable if you receive these foods by train throughout the winter.

Chithole Bhature.

The typical North Indian dish of fluffy Bhaturas and hot Chhole cooked in a broth of earthy spices is what we mean when we talk about comfort food. If you can enjoy Chhole Bhature while traveling in the convenience of your train seat, there is no need to pack it. Enjoy this incredible hot and spicy treat with your friends and family to add some heat to your train ride.

Seekh Kebabs.

There is never a better option if you want to enjoy a hot, grilled, or roasted Seekh Kebab as a spicy and delicious snack on the train at any time of the day. Lemon wedges, onion rings, and mint chutney go incredibly well with kebabs because of their juicy, smoky flavor. You can order these seekh kebabs from the Food In Train service provided by Zoop.

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Paneer palak.

Nearly all North Indians enjoy the incredibly healthy dish called Palak Paneer. The palak is boiled prior to the addition of the spices and paneer to complete the dish’s preparation. This warming dinner is ideal for the colder months because it is both healthy and comforting.

Butter Paneer Masala.

Paneer butter masala is a delicious vegetarian dish that is high in protein. Only the purest spices and tomato gravy use in the paneer curry. The paneer cubes are smother in this gravy, which also includes butter as a garnish. Having butter paneer masala for lunch or dinner is a delectable choice. You can eat this dish with naan, pulao, or roti. While riding the train, just place an online food order, from Zoop.


The pizza is very alluring because of its crisp crust and cheese topping. Pizza is one of the most adored foods in the entire world. If you want to eat delicious food on trains, pizza is a fantastic option. Pizza pairs well with the garlic bread, chocolate lava cake, and cold beverages that IRCTC’s Food In Train have to offer.

Tandoor-cooked chicken.

Serving tandoori chicken as a starter with chicken is a great idea. Savory, smoky grill chicken is a popular snack in India, and it’s typically serve with onion rings and green chutney. The rich, flavorful chicken bits are delectable. As a result of their filling flavor, this train food is unquestionably a must-try evening train snack.

‘Gajar Ka Halwa’.

Red winter carrots are use in this sweet treat. The grit carrots are prepare with sugar, milk, and cardamom. Almost every home in north India prepares this well-known sweet dish during the winter. Almonds and cashews are a delectable addition to this Indian ghee halwa. Using the Food Delivery in Train Service, you can have this delicious Food delivered right to your seat.

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Kofta Malai.

The only dish that can be ordered without consulting the menu is Malai Kofta. When foodies want to order something creamy and delectable, it mistakenly enters their minds. This flavorful dish create using paneer dumplings and a fantastic sauce. The dish becomes smoother and more mellow thanks to the cream.


Indian dessert that is appropriate for winter. It is a traditional dish with Rajasthani roots. Ghee, raisins, nuts, and broken wheat all use liberally in this dish. You should try this Food In Train if you like sweets and desserts, and anyone who hasn’t should at the very least think about it.