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What Are the Common Types of Tractors?

types of tractors
types of tractors

If you’re one of the millions of people owning a piece of land, then you’re likely purchasing a tractor. They’re essential pieces of machinery. They make our job easier when it comes to growing various crops or maintaining large amounts of property.

But the question remains: what are the most common types of tractors? What exactly can they do for you? Well, we’re here to answer those questions and more.

We’ll be looking at common types of tractors in this article that you can consider purchasing this weekend. So let’s get started.

Four-Wheel Drive

Four-wheel drive tractors are useful in numerous applications, most notably for agricultural, industrial, and military purposes.

4WD tractors can be found in various sizes, ranging from small garden tractors to larger industrial-grade models. Some specific types of tractors that feature 4WD include utility tractors, yard tractors, garden tractors, and larger combine harvesters.

This makes them an ideal choice for farmers transporting large amounts of produce, such as hay, grain, or potatoes. 4WD tractors can also quickly plow fields and ditches and drive down snow-covered roads. These typically consist of 3-point hitches and can be used to attach accessories such as bush hogs, discs, rollers, or resistant forestry attachments.

Four-wheel drive tractors come with different numbers of speeds, ranging from three to twelve, and provide the most power and traction. They can send power to all four wheels or a split power that sends some to the front and some to the back. This type of drive makes them better for navigating harder terrain and lifting heavy loads.

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Two-Wheel Drive

A 2WD tractor uses two drive wheels for superior maneuverability on most terrains. They are suited for smaller jobs, like snow plowing and mowing. Two-wheel drive tractors are generally more economical, require less maintenance, and are easier to transport.

Two-wheel drive tractors have all their power routed to the rear wheels, which is why they are sometimes called rear-wheel drive tractors. This type is often the most affordable option. They work great for general-purpose agricultural work, such as plowing and hauling.

Six-Wheel Drive

Six-wheel drive tractors are also known as articulated tractors. They offer superior maneuverability and flexibility. They can move in both directions with equal power and agility.

6WD has features such as front-end and rear-end drive options, adjustable wheelbase, and heavy-duty axles. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural operations and saves time. Be sure to do your regular tractor maintenance to prevent any issues in the future.

Exploring the Different Types of Tractors

Tractors are essential for successful farming in today’s world. There are many types of tractors to choose from for home, small-scale, or commercial agricultural operations. You can choose between the most common ones, which are four-wheel, two-wheel, or six-wheel tractors.

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