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What are the different branches of agriculture you should know before enrolling in the course?

Many students prefer studying agriculture because of its wide variety of options in the field of nature and the productivity, sustainability and business of agriculture. In simple terms, agriculture explains how humans are using different biological processes to produce food and other eatable products.

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Different branches of agriculture propose different specializations for students in colleges and universities. You can select any of the subjects of your choice that interest you.

  • Agronomy

The part of agriculture that studies soil and crop science and the economy is Agronomy. It even allows you to make research on fuel, fiber, chemicals and land conservation. Your college and university assignments may ask you to work on topics like properties of soil, application of nutrients, types of fertilizers need for plants and trees, etc.

  • Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

In Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, you will learn about various chemicals and the mineralogical, biological and physical composition of the soil. This part of the agricultural study is considered to be important, as it benefits to acquire of skills in understanding the chemical and physical properties of agricultural products. Through this study, you get ideas to use the best methods to improve the quality and safety of agricultural products.

  • Horticulture
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Even if you are not associated with agricultural studies, horticulture is a very common term and you must have come across it. It is the art and science of planting, producing and marketing vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants and flowers. With the help of a horticulture study, you will know the techniques of manufacturing numerous raw food materials for food processing industries.

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  • Plant pathology

This branch of agriculture helps you to study plant diseases and their characteristics of the diseases. When you decide to make research on plant pathology you will find out the causes of diseases in plants. The environmental conditions and organisms that affect plants and crops are examined in this part of the subject.

  • Plant and crop science

This is a topic related to crop breeding, its sustainability, seed technology, plant preservation, crop genetics, etc. When you study this subject you will not only deal with crops, agriculture or plants. But the use of chemicals and the study of the environment requires the knowledge of chemistry, biology and even physics. The important branches of science are engaged together in this subject.

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