What Are The Most Popular Sports In Malaysia? 

What Are the Most Popular Sports In Malaysia? 

What Are the Most Popular Sports In Malaysia? 
What Are the Most Popular Sports In Malaysia? 

Sports are a source of entertainment for everyone. But the choice of sport depends on individual preferences. Some people are sports enthusiasts, and they love to watch every sport. However, some only love a specific sport. 

Do you know about the major sports in the world? There are many. Each country has its own famous sports according to their population’s liking. Do you know about what are the favorite sports of Malaysia? 

However, you must know about the popular sports in the world. Malaysia is a world-famous country, and it has its own popular sports. Do you know what they are? If not, then don’t worry. We are exploring the top popular sports in Malaysia. 

Moreover, Malaysia has a rich culture, and the diversity extends to its sporting landscape. Let’s look at the most popular sports in Malaysia. These ports reflect the country’s unique traditions and modern sports. 


Who has not heard about Football? Football is the world’s most popular sport, famous in all the major parts of the world. However, it also gained immense popularity in Malaysia. Malaysia has some amazing football leagues, including the Malaysia Super League. The residents and visitors love to enjoy these amazing football leagues. 

However, the country has not made it to the World Cup Tournament. You must be thinking about where you can watch these amazing football leagues. You have subscribed to the Steaming app so that you can have access to local sports channels in Malaysia. The app like HBO Max Malaysia can help you. But, you must choose any reliable VPN for accessing local sports channels in Malaysia. 

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The locals love to watch and play their favorite teams against each other. In the AFF Suzuki Cup, the Malaysian national football team made their first international win in 2010. Additionally, the Malaysian national Football team ranks 147 in FIFA rankings. 


Badminton is not only popular in Malaysia, but it is popular throughout Asia. It is the second most popular sport in Malaysia. Malaysia has its national badminton team, and it has some amazing players. However, the national team has won 6 silver medals and 3 bronze medals at the Olympic games.  

Moreover, Malaysia has consistently improved in badminton at the international level. Badminton has become a most beloved sport in the country. Do you know who the most successful Malaysian badminton players are recognized internationally? 

Players like Lee Chong Wei, Chan Peng Soon, and Tan Wee Kiong make badminton a successful sport in Malaysia. However, they helped increase badminton’s popularity in the country and also internationally. 

Sepak Takraw

Are you aware of this popular Malaysian sport? Sepak Takraw is a traditional sport with elements of volleyball and soccer. However, it is also famous as the national sport of Malaysia. This famous sport involves acrobatic kicks and headshots over a net. 

However, this is more than just a sport. This popular sport in Malaysia celebrates the culture and traditions of the country. Additionally, it highlights the country’s rich history. It also played in local communities and schools. 

However, the game has a significant cultural value, with two variations, including Bulatan and The Jaring. It is now played in many countries, like Japan, Canada, and the United States. In this interesting game, the athletes jump very high and do backflips. It is a combination of volleyball and martial arts. 

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This is another popular Malaysian sport you should be aware of. However, it has a growing presence in Malaysia. Rugby is played locally in schools and universities. The Malaysian Rugby Union, or Kesatuan Ragbi Malaysia, is the governing body for rugby in Malaysia.

However, Malaysia has a national Rugby team called the “The Malaysian Tiger.” This exceptional team competes on international levels, too. In 2014, the Malaysian Rugby Union introduced the GIR (Get in Rugby). Its objective is to promote rugby among the youth in rural regions of the country. As a result of such efforts, rugby is becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia.


Cricket is a popular sport worldwide and is becoming popular in Malaysia too. However, cricket has a niche but is now promoted, especially in Indian and Pakistani communities. 

Moreover, cricket is the most thrilling game in all major sports. Malaysia is also improving in playing cricket on international levels. The national cricket team of Malaysia has participated in International competitions and made interesting progress. 

Wrapping Up 

Sports are a great source of entertainment for everyone. It makes your boring time an interesting and thrilling experience. However, various other sports like hockey, golf, and other motorsports are also famous in Malaysia. 

If you are getting bored and you have nothing to watch. Try login to your streaming app with a secure VPN and access to any local sports channel of your choice. You can enjoy watching the amazing sports in Malaysia with the regional sports channels. 

So, get the trusted streaming app and start enjoying your favorite sports with a great streaming experience. 

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