What are True Wireless Headphones?

true wireless headphones

“True wireless” in-ear headphones are the youngest and most popular type of Bluetooth smartphone headset today. For several years of existence, the market was overflowing with models. So much the better for the buyer – today interesting models can also be found in the budget segment. The main difference between TWS headphones is the presence of a case, which is used not only for storage but also for recharging. That is, you will always have a Power Bank for headphones with you. You can get 2-4 full charges for different models from the case.

In-ear Bluetooth headphones with wire

In-ear bluetooth head phones connected by a wire have become less popular with the advent of TWS models, but they have their advantages. They tend to be cheaper and are often chosen by those who are afraid of losing their TWS earbud while exercising or walking.

Over-ear wireless headphones

Big cups and ear pads, big drivers, and big sound. Full-size (and on-ear) headphones often come with a cable, with which they can be used like regular wired ones if the battery is dead. Urbanista Los Angeles doesn’t have that option, but they don’t need to – they’re the world’s first headphones that can be recharged from the sun or any artificial light source! The other two models are flagship models with ANC from the European masters of Hi-Fi sound.

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On-ear wireless headphones

A compromise for those who don’t like in-ear models but find full-size headphones too bulky. The ear cushions of over-ear headphones do not cover the auricle but are pressed against it, so some feel discomfort during prolonged use. However, these headphones are lighter, more compact, and cheaper than full-size ones, and for some even more comfortable. We offer three popular models for fans of this form factor.

TWS headphones and sound quality

Obviously, one of the main criteria when choosing headphones, whether TWS or conventional, is the sound quality. And there are a lot of nuances and misconceptions here.

By design, all TWS headphones are divided into two types: in-ear and earbuds. A lot depends only on this parameter, so let’s immediately consider what their differences are.

The speaker size of TWS earphones does not affect the sound quality!

Many manufacturers indicate the size of the speakers of their TWS headphones, sometimes even emphasizing this. This is especially true for Chinese companies. In reality, the size of the speaker has nothing to do with the sound quality and only misleads the buyer.

The speaker analogy suggests that the larger the speaker, the deeper and more powerful bass it produces. Accordingly, the smaller the speaker, the better it reproduces high frequencies (the same tweeter is several times smaller than the woofer). However, this does not work with in-ear headphones.

Codec support and sound volume of TWS headphones

Many people make one mistake, thinking that the cost and quality of a smartphone can somehow miraculously affect the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones. This common misconception comes from the wired headphone analogy.

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The fact is that when we connect a wire, the signal from digital must be converted to analog, and then sent to the headphones via this wire. The quality of digital-to-analog conversion is of great importance and is responsible for this special device inside a smartphone called DAC.

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