What Do You Know About Tiny Homes and the State BCD Rules? 


Dear all, it is very important for you to know about the tiny house’s rules in Oregon. One of the most exciting processes is building a tiny house. But the thing is that many people are confused as to what is needed by them in the process of building a tiny house. Another thing that you ought to know is that every state has their own regulations and rules as to what needs to be done for one to reside in these environmentally friendly dwellings and that too, legally. Before you start building a tiny house, it is important that you do complete reading. Besides that, if Oregon is a place that you call home, then there are many things that you should know about the tiny houses like which counties allow tiny homes Oregon and so on.

Cities Adopt Tiny Homes

Also, you should know that Oregon is one of the most popularly progressive states when it comes to tiny house regulations and rules. But the unfortunate part is that the codes or the laws still vary in every town in Oregon. So, the most popular cities that are adopting tiny homes or tiny home communities in Oregon are: Portland, Lakeview, Eugene, and Monroe. Besides all of that, to know if your county permits building tiny houses, make sure that you check the zoning map of the property or your property. You can check how property is divided and categorized to see if you can legally have a dwelling unit accessory. Many of the tiny homes come under this category as long as they follow the requirements of the buildings.

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State BCD Rules

You can also look up detailed information about Where Can I Build a Tiny House online. Laws by the state. One of the most common issues that tiny homeowners face is the travelling or movements of the tiny houses on wheels. Another important thing that you should know is that Oregon doesn’t allow people to stay in tiny homes on wheels. Also, in the future as well as now, the tiny homeowners will be required to have a special permit for the trip and a commercial hauler to move their tiny homes. There is no particular minimum size for a tiny house in the Oregon area, but there is a size that needs to be followed. As per the State Building Division (BCD) and also as per the international residential code, a tiny home is considered to be a house or property of 400 sq. ft. or less, and it doesn’t include any of the areas of loft where you can or may sleep.

In the Case of Unawareness

There are several cities in Oregon that are known for their tiny house communities where the tiny lots are rented to people to create their own tiny houses. You can find these in cities like Eugene and Lakeview. If you don’t know whether an area is zoned or not, or whether that area allows for tiny homes and their development, then ask your local building officer or go to the zoning office. They can help you with the same queries and guide you correctly.


You should never take the risk of creating or developing a tiny house in an area that you don’t know anything about, as the city can take you out and impose fines on you if you refuse to leave that particular area. The RV Park is another great option for living in your tiny home part-time. It is like the mobile home parks in Oregon. A tiny home is 400 sq. ft. or less, and it is constructed on a chassis for easy travel or movement. It should meet the nationally recognised standard for RVs. Also, there are no regulations at the state level.

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