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What Do You Learn In Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery?

What Do You Learn In Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery?
What Do You Learn In Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery?

The Commercial Cookery course covers food safety practices, knife skills, and restaurant cooking techniques. Upon completion of a course in commercial cookery, you’ll be well prepared for a range of jobs including cook, chef, kitchen manager and food business owner. There are many best colleges in Adelaide, Australia, where you can enrol in a certificate or diploma in commercial cookery courses as per your needs. 

In this article, we will discuss one of the trending chef courses i.e. certificate 4 in commercial cookery. This course helps the students to work as commercial cooks and gain relevant skills and knowledge and can do management and leadership in the surroundings of the kitchen.

Modules You Will Learn In Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery Are:

Using hygienic practices for food safety (SITXFSA001): 

In this module, the students will learn how to adhere to the hygiene procedures in an organization. They will also identify hazards related to food that can affect the safety and health of the people. They will also learn to tell the significant incidents of contamination of food that can cause personal issues related to health. They will have to follow the procedures related to washing hands and also make sure not to contact the food that is ready to be served.

Participate in Safe food handling practices (SITXFSA002): 

This module gives knowledge to the students in collecting the information related to programs in food safety in an organization. They will also learn about the storage of food in conditions that are protected in a suitable environment from contamination and thus, it will increase the quality of the food. They will also make sure to use some processes related to cooling and heating that will save the food in microbiological terms.

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Work effectively with others (BSBWOR203): 

This module teaches that all the duties and responsibilities should be identified by the students and activities that enhance the cooperation of the workplace members and maintain relationships with people. The students will learn how to contribute in a constructive manner to the goals of a workplace and will do tasks that fulfil the requirements of the organization. They can also take help from the people in the workplace when conflicts and problems arise and how to deal with them appropriately.

Coach others in job skills (SITXHRM001): 

In this module, the students will gain knowledge about how to identify the needs for coaching by discussing them with their other members and how they can organize and manage sessions for coaching. They will also learn how to communicate with other team members and obtain knowledge. They will also help in identifying difficulties that are related to performance in coaching and solve them with the help of appropriate people.

Maintain the quality of perishable items (SITXINV002):

This module covers all the aspects related to identifying the deficiencies in the food that is delivered and the students can reject and ignore the supply of food items. The students will also help in checking regularly the conditions of the environment for the storing areas and other types of equipment in order to maintain the supplies that are usually perishable with utmost proper quality. They will also dispose of the stock which is bad and spoiled and it is done safely too.

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Participate in safe work practices (SITXWHS001): 

In this module, the students will learn how to report and remove the hazards at the workplace which are arisen due to some practices which are very unsafe for the security of food. They will also complete the reports used in emergencies with accuracy and follow all the procedures in an organization. They will also take part in the other types of practices which are made by the organization for ensuring a safe and better workplace for the members.

Implement and monitor work health and safety practices (SITXWHS003):

This module helps in managing and monitoring the practice on a daily basis thus so that the students can maintain the health and security of their team members. They will also provide feedback to the staff and report to the designated members of the organization. They will also learn and help in coordinating the various activities related to hazards and will also help in overseeing the control measures and reporting them to the appropriate people.


After covering some of the modules and units in cert 4 commercial cookery, the students will be able to have an idea about how they are going to use these units at the workplace with the help of their faculty. There are some popular courses in Adelaide among which the chef cookery courses are the best.

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