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What does Orthodontics do for your dental care?

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Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that addresses issues related to teeth that are misaligned. These issues include the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of misaligned teeth. In addition, orthodontics LA Vergne TN may address issues regarding the growth of the face and may involve the modification of certain facial structures. Dentofacialorthopedics is also a branch of orthodontics. Depending on the particular needs of the patient, different orthodontic procedures may be used to correct the problems.


Invisalign orthodontics is an alternative to traditional metal braces, which require regular visits to your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will check your progress once a month and make necessary adjustments to your braces. However, Invisalign requires that you wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. Because you have to remove them while eating or drinking, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Also, the aligners may collect bacteria and stain your teeth.

Invisalign works by gently moving your teeth into place using clear aligner trays. It is suitable for adults and teenagers, and corrects most dental misalignments. You can even get bleaching treatments with Invisalign.


In orthodontic treatment, braces are a common way to straighten teeth. These devices are made up of wires and brackets that are placed on the front of the teeth. A thin metal wire runs through these brackets. The wires can either be curved or straight. There are several types of braces, which include metal and plastic.

Traditional braces are made from metal and usually feature brackets that attach to the front of the teeth and bands that wrap around each tooth. The wires are attached to the brackets with metal ties. Rubber bands are also used to link the brackets to one another to create more pressure on the teeth. These bands can be removed when necessary. Some patients may also choose to wear headgear while wearing the braces, which provides added pressure.

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Reverse pull headgear

Reverse pull headgear is a common part of orthodontic treatment that moves the upper jaw forward along with the child’s growth. This can prevent jaw surgery later in life. However, it must be worn carefully and followed precisely to prevent complications. The device attaches to two molar teeth using elastics. It can be uncomfortable, and children may experience soreness in these teeth for a few days. The device may also affect sleep patterns.

Reverse pull headgear is used to correct malocclusions such as underbites and crossbite. It works by shifting the upper jaw forward and realigning the lower jaw. Its main function is to fix a misaligned bite, or malocclusion, called an underbite.


Surgery for orthodontics is a procedure that can help a patient improve their bite and facial appearance. The procedure can be performed either in an office or hospital setting. The procedure is usually painless and will leave no visible scarring. Patients can take over-the-counter pain relievers after the procedure. They may also be given a soft diet for a short period of time. The outcome of surgery depends on a patient’s overall health and the condition of the jaw joints.

Surgery for orthodontics la Vergne TN can help fix a child’s jaw problems, and can improve their overall appearance and function. While most kids won’t require this type of surgery, it can be an option if a child is unhappy with the way their teeth look. In addition, surgery can correct a child’s jaw, if it has grown unnaturally.

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