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What Every Officer Should Know About Police Ballistic Helmets

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Every day, members of law enforcement agencies work hard to protect and serve this country. They also often risk their lives for this cause. Police personnel need the finest protection possible to reduce the danger of bodily harm. Officers should consider adding a new police helmet to their regular personal protection equipment to cover one of the most susceptible and targeted areas on their bodies.

While ballistic helmets for police officers were once exceedingly scarce, several police agencies have become aggressive in obtaining superior ballistic helmet protection for their employees. UK police helmet manufacturers make strong ballistic helmets.

Can You Work As A Police Officer In A Ballistic Helmet?

Individual police agencies are now responsible for developing ballistic helmet rules. Officers who do not normally wear ballistic helmets might consider obtaining one from their superiors.

In the line of duty, police officers face several dangers that can result in serious injuries or fatalities. According to the National Institute of Justice, firearm assaults kill most felonious police officers. Body armor has saved the lives of thousands of police officers since the introduction of bulletproof vests decades ago.

While vests can protect police officers from some gunshot wounds, data from the FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted program reveals that between 2010 and 2019, more fatal firearm wounds were aimed to the head than any other region of the body. Despite this, ballistic helmets are not issued as standard equipment to police officers. Some agencies are concerned about budgetary limits, while others are worried about police militarization.

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This militarization problem is, of course, irrelevant to military police helmets, but it should also not be an issue for local law enforcement officers. Police officers need to be safe, regardless of whether or not individuals have associations with the equipment they use for safety. Not just military people, but many other vocations, rely on helmets for protection.

Police Officers’ Helmet Accessories

By combining police helmets with different accessories, you may increase their utility even further. Hard Head Veterans provides a variety of handy attachments, including the ones listed below.

  • Helmet pads: Adding helmet cushions may make several helmet designs more comfortable. These cushions also provide additional head protection.
  • Rail adapter kits can assist you in easily integrating headsets, whether for hearing protection or communications, straight into your helmet. You may also use Sordin/Liberator adapters.
  • Bag: When not in use, keep your battle helmet and other accessories safely stowed away in a cushioned bag created exclusively for your combat helmet.
  • Covers: Covers may protect the finish on the exterior of your helmet while also adding concealment if necessary. Coverings consisting of plain cloth and mesh covers are available.
  • A counterweight pouch can assist in balancing the weight of night vision equipment or other attachment dragging on one side of the helmet.
  • Rifle-rated up-armor: While ordinary ballistic helmets can guard against pistols, up-armor plates can offer protection against typical rifle bullets.
  • Tactical face shield: A police helmet with a face shield may protect the officer’s entire head. The Tactical Face Shield includes a full-length riot face shield and a shorter face shield to give eye protection while allowing the user to shoulder a handgun correctly.
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Today’s Law Enforcement Requires Modern Police Helmets.

Law enforcement officers need the finest protection that contemporary body armor technology offers, including the most powerful ballistic helmets for cops. Hard Head Veterans understand and respect the sacrifices that police personnel make daily to serve their nation. Every staff member has a background in law enforcement or the military. We are committed to providing the best tactical ballistic helmets on the market to our law enforcement professionals.

Bulletproof vests were once frowned upon by many law enforcement agents, but they have now become the standard. We hope that ballistic helmets for police officers become the standard as well. Stay safe, and from the Hard Head Veterans team, a hearty thank you for your devotion.

In such shops selling protective equipment, you can find police helmets for sale, as well as all the accessories you need to modify helmets to your required specifications.

Police Officers Choosing A Ballistic Helmet

Helmets come in various styles and capacities, and it can be difficult to know which will be right for you or your police department. Here are your three main choices:

  • Helmet for PASGT
  • Cut behind the ear, similar to our BTE helmet (MICH/ACH/ECH/LWH).
  • High-cut, similar to our ATE ballistic helmet (FAST)

The most ballistic coverage for police personnel is provided by PASGT and BTE-style helmets. They usually fall over the ear or rest on the sides of the ear. The disadvantage here is the increased weight, and if the officer is using a headset, it tends to be jammed into the ears uncomfortably.

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Lightweight high-cut-style or tactical bump helmets typically come with various rail systems for mounting devices like lights, cameras, and headset adapters. Because of the high cut, it is simple to use communications headsets with the helmet itself. If you’re seeking the best ballistic helmet, we also offer a detailed Above-the-Ear Helmet Comparison Guide!

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