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What Experts Say About Bringing Pets to Work 

For many years, the workplace adhered to traditional rules, which meant pets weren’t allowed to enter. However, as times have changed, so have the rules. Many experts claim that there are numerous benefits to bringing pets to work, however, there are also some who claim there are downsides to it, as well. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking about bringing your pet to work, then here are some expert opinions and claims that will help you make the best decision. 

A dog should be well-behaved in the first place

Every expert agrees on this: a dog should be properly trained and well-behaved in order to fit in the workplace environment. If your pooch is too small to understand things, then it’s best to leave them at home. If your pet isn’t trained or is difficult to handle, that is a clear sign that you shouldn’t bring them to work. On the other hand, if you’ve spent time training your dog, or you sent them to a doggy boot camp, then you can give it a try and bring them to work. As long as your pet is behaving properly and acting friendly, you won’t have any issues at work.

The dog breed plays an enormous role 

Not all dog breeds are equally suitable for the office environment. Also, not all employees enjoy spending time with dogs, which is why a dog breed plays a huge role here. For example, barking loudly can be interrupting and disturbing to many, especially if your line of work deals with a lot of conference calls. Some people might be allergic to dogs which can create a workplace issue. Basically, the only person having the sole benefit of bringing their dog to work is the owner. Therefore, be sure to have a trial short period when you’d bring your pet to see the way it will interact with your co-workers. And if your dog is too large, energetic, or needy, then consider taking some extra steps to make the experience smoother. You can order pet supplies online and have them delivered to your workplace. Having all the important things to manage your pet at the workplace will help you work with ease without being interrupted, and your co-workers will also enjoy that. 

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Bringing a dog to work can be a great social support 

Having a dog at the workplace can provide a special sense of safety and comfort to many employees. If the atmosphere tends to get tense, a dog can act as an effective social support, while also improving the relationships between the employees. Also, if there are employees who are managing serious mental health issues, a dog in the workplace might be a good incentive for them to return to work. A study from 2017 published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health concluded that having a support dog at the workplace can be deciding factor in whether someone decides to stay at work.

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The companies should prepare protocols before going full dog-friendly

Implementing any pet-friendly rule should require careful planning. The dog-friendly environment requires everyone to follow rules. So, if the company wants a dog-friendly environment, the rules need to be in place. For example, if the dog shows aggression, it shouldn’t be allowed in the office. Also, all dogs should be up-to-date with their shots, in order to prevent the spread of common diseases such as rabies. Dogs should have their own bedding in the purposefully created dog-friendly area. HEPA filters should be implemented to provide immediate allergy relief. Implementing and following these rules is the sure way to ensure that the office can be both dog-friendly and productive. 

Being able to bring a dog is a top workplace perk

Those employees who are intensely devoted to their pets tend to appreciate the perk of bringing their pets to work. For many of them, this is the must-have perk. A dog-friendly office is a great method for attracting top talent. Besides, the ability to bring dogs to work can significantly decrease dog care costs. Those who want to remain productive and loyal employees with their pooch by their side will surely benefit from dog-friendly company policies. Furthermore, they’ll see it as an ultimate perk, sometimes even more important than the salary itself. 

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A dog in the workplace can be a wonderful way to boost morale and bring the entire team together. However, in order to avoid issues such as allergies and legal matters, it is important to create firm policies that will make things flow easily. Experts believe that a pup in the workplace can be beneficial, which is why it’s been widely practiced by companies all over the world.