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What filling is the best for making comfy pillows?


Whether you’re an old pro at stuffing pillows or just getting started in the DIY world, the filling you use will have a significant impact on the finished product. There’s a considerable chance that your stay won’t go well in general if you don’t have high-quality pillow stuffing.

We’ve produced a list of the six greatest pillow fillings now available on the internet to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with using fillings that are less than ideal. All of these materials work well for stuffing many types of pillows, including ornamental ones, toss pillows, bed pillows, and even bean bag chairs and upholstered dining room benches. These fillings can take on whatever task you throw at them. In any case, before we get to these incredible items, let’s talk about the many kinds of filling and the advantages of each.

Different Pillow Fillings and Their Advantages

We have everything you need whether it be a relatively typical pillow insert or a more exotic filler like loose memory gel foam.

Loose Fillings

While those with experience working with loose fillings will benefit the most from them, even those who have never stuffed their own pillows can reap the benefits of this method. Many sewers avoid using loose fillings because of the potential for spills when stuffing pillows, but some people really like the flexibility of being able to stuff and unstuff pillows whatever they choose. Loose filling makes it simple to adjust a pillow’s firmness, profile, and volume to suit your needs.

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Pillow Inserts

The most convenient way to stuff a pillow is with a pre-made insert, but you can’t always count on getting one that’s the right size for your cushion. A pillow insert that is up to two inches bigger than your pillow sham will keep the pillow from looking flat and will prevent the sham from showing through. Don’t forget to pick the right size for those pillow shams to avoid the dreaded “sad, under filled decorative pillow” look.

Combination Fillings

Combining pillow inserts with pillow filling is a certain method to get pillows that are both comfortable and lively. Pillow filler comes to the rescue to assist fill in the spaces an insert can’t reach, particularly in the pillow’s corners. You’ll be pleased you took the time to ensure your pillow was packed to its absolute capacity once you see it puffed out and perfectly stuffed.

Shredded Foam

Variability in viscosity is one of the many advantages of shredded foam fillings. This means that you have the option of selecting the firmer, more conventional foam, or the softer, more body-contouring options such shredded memory foam. This is fantastic if you’re in need of a filling for the usual bed pillows you use every night. These foams are breathable, simple to use, and can be washed in a machine.


Polyfill works wonderfully as stuffing for pillows, dolls, toys, and other stuffed objects. Polyfill isn’t ideal for sleeping on since it’s too light and airy to stay in a comfortable posture, but it’s not impossible. If you’ve dug out some Christmas pillows from storage or need to re-stuff your dog’s favorite plush toy, polyfill is the way to go.

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