What Fruit Picking Position is Best For You?

There’s a lot to consider while picking which picker you’d like to be.

These incorporate how it pays, how burdensome the work is, including convenience or advantages, and which fruit you like to eat at work!

Fruit picking position can be an extraordinary choice for hikers, worldwide understudies, new travelers, or those searching for some part-time outside work.

At PickGV

In the Goulburn Valley, we invite numerous sorts and deal scope of occupations, including picking, pressing, pruning, and driving hardware like forklifts. At last, the decision is yours. Thus, find out underneath which piece of the group could suit you and reach out to join with PickGV.

Pay Courses of action

There’s no disgrace that pay is a significant part in any fruit picker’s inclinations – being from one of only a handful of exceptional classes referenced above ordinarily accompanies a need to keep food on the table.Thus, before you begin picking either apples or oranges, figure out how various plantations are paying and tight things down.

A few organizations will pay you hourly and acknowledge you could wound the odd fruit, while others will pay per punnet pressed, for instance. This prizes you for your diligent effort yet may likewise hindrance the more seasoned or less capable picker.

While thinking about pay game plans, additionally enquire about the plantation’s work hours. What number of will be required from you? What season of day will they be? Will you get many breaks? Contingent upon your life beyond work, this will influence your choice gigantically.

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At PickGV, for instance, we can be up as soon as 6:30am and can knock-off from 2pm to 5pm relying upon climate. We additionally offer the two sorts of pay plans in accordance with the Australian Government’s Agriculture Grant.

Actual Requests

Most fruit picking position include regular moving of stepping stools, bowing and picking fruit so you ought to hope to fulfill these actual needs.

Obviously, there are machine administrator occupations where you could be plunking down on a more regular basis, however even these will probably include intermittent physical work.

Fruit picking additionally opens staff to a few destructive bugs and insects. Your boss will be expected to give proper defensive hardware, for example, gloves and bug shower, however you ought to know about the creatures’ nearness prior to joining.

In the event that you are unfavorably susceptible or have a fear, consider pressing your expected medication or avoiding such outside work.


A few ranches do propose nearby convenience while others are relatively close from their neighborhood town. All things considered, a ranch found excessively far from any town will prompt over-valued produce, so a bed for the night ought not be excessively far away.

A couple of PickGV’s homesteads around the More prominent Shepparton Region truly do offer convenience, while others are a limit of 20-30-minute transport rides from the town.

Free* Fruit!

Also, the point we’ve all been sitting tight for, a few ranches will permit their staff to nibble on probably the freshest fruit you can find. Australia and all the more explicitly Victoria brags a wide reach fruits like apples, nectarines, apricots, cherries and pears picking.


Obviously, you will be working for your keep, so the fruit isn’t actually free. Yet, what could be preferable over crunching into the fruits of your work hands on in the radiant Victorian daylight?

Attempt PickGV

Keep dynamic and work in the wonderful open country, absorbing the outside air and warm daylight. Occasional fruit picking in Goulburn Valley is perfect for making new companions, staying in shape and bringing in some great money. Intrigued? Visit our site today to find out more!


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