What is E Shram Card?

If you are not aware of what E Shram Card is, it is a labor pension scheme for workers in the unorganized sector. This card is a free service available for unorganized sector employees. You can register for it with your Aadhaar number. It will then be linked with your mobile number and you can access the E-Shram website for free.

It is a labor pension scheme for unorganized sector workers

The Union Ministry of Labour and Employment has launched a new program called e-Shram Card which will provide 12-digit Universal Account Numbers to 38 crore unorganized sector workers. This will give workers a new identity and help them access social security benefits. The scheme will cover construction workers, migrant laborers, and migrant women, among others.

E-Shram is an online portal which will allow unorganized sector workers to register for welfare schemes. The new portal will be operational from August 26 and will be operated by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The Ministry of Labour and Employment estimates that there are 38 crore unorganized sector workers in the country. A worker aged between 16 and 59 who is employed in an unorganized sector is eligible for the E-Shram card.

It is a mobile number linked with Aadhaar

E-Shram is an initiative to connect unorganised workers with social security schemes. This new initiative involves creating a national database of workers and seeding it with Aadhaar. The data will include names, addresses, educational qualifications, skills, and more. This will make social security schemes more accessible to unorganised workers, such as construction workers, gig workers, and migrant workers.

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To download an E Shram Card, the user must have an Aadhaar card, be employed in the unorganized sector, be between the ages of 18 and 59, and have a registered mobile number. This mobile number will be used to send an OTP to verify the identity of the user.

It is a 12-digit unique UAN number

The E Shram Card is a new 12-digit Unique Identification Number that provides a unique identity to unorganized workers.  It is the equivalent of an Aadhar card and is valid for the life of the worker. The government is encouraging the use of this card to improve the welfare of workers.

The e-SHRAM portal aims to cover all unorganized workers and will integrate social security schemes. To make the system work, the government is coordinating with trade unions, state governments and common service centers. Once the registration process is complete, workers will be issued e-SHRAM cards. These cards will feature a 12-digit unique UAN number, which is valid throughout the country.

It is a free service

You can use the E Shram Card to verify your identity. Once you have a valid Aadhar card, you can use this service to verify yourself. You can update your profile by providing your UAN number or Aadhar number. After you have completed the necessary details, you can submit your application. Once you have completed the application, you can check the status of your application by visiting the official website of E Shram.

The e-SHRAM portal provides a 12-digit unique UAN number. After you have registered, you can apply for various schemes offered by the government. All you need to do is log into the website and follow the steps to verify your identity. Once you have verified your identity, you will receive your card.

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It will help the government in delivering various social security schemes

The e-SHram portal will be launched in August 2021, allowing workers to register for various social security schemes. The e-Shram card will include a 12 digit unique number and will enable registered members to claim various benefits. This will help the government deliver various social security schemes to unorganized sector workers.

Over 25 crore workers in the informal sector have already registered for the e-SHRAM portal. The e-Shram card is linked to their Aadhaar. Those workers who do not have Aadhaar can still register by using a biometric identity.

The government plans to provide the e-SHRAM card to as many as 38 crore workers in the unorganized sector. The e-SHRAM portal is a free online registration system that will help the government implement various social security schemes. Once the workers have registered, the government will issue them with e-SHRAM cards that include their unique 12-digit UAN number. The e-SHRAM card is valid throughout India.

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