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What is Mobile SEO Facts, stats, tips and more

Mobile SEO is the search engine optimization of websites combined with flawless viewing of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Due to the increasing boom of portable devices, web admins should be highly concerned with their mobile SEO plan.

Mobile SEO enables a website to appear in mobile device-based search engine results. Mobile SEO only focuses on on-page optimization techniques to improve the website’s mobile search worthiness. It also requires a website to follow a responsive web design, which means that the website must serve duplicate URLs and HTML regardless of the device. The images must also be rendered to fit the screen size of the end device. Mobile SEO also tends to focus on improving the website access speed, content visibility and easy navigation for mobile users.

Mobile SEO stats and facts.

Mobile SEO provides websites with unique viewing on smartphones and tablets. Your main goal should be to achieve optimized content with a better ranking, and such effort will improve your SERP rankings and your site’s organic traffic. The thing which will affect the quality of your mobile SEO is the user location, screen size and the device operating system. According to recent studies, 95% of the mobile SEO is done on Google as the leading business scaler, and the search engine makes for 58% of mobile users doing online searches. 

It is a no-brainer that mobile SEO is the future of the digital marketing niche. Hence, Google decided to rebuild its entire algorithm.

Mobile search is constantly rising.

All mobile searches have surpassed desktop and tablet searches, and this trend continues. You should improve mobile SEO to target your customers more efficiently if you are in the digital marketing niche. 

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Mobile content determines the Google ranking.

Google is the search engine that switched to a mobile-first index, which means it uses a responsive web design. It also implements dynamic serving to improve the overall search engine ranking. 

Mobile SEO improves sales and brings new customers.

It is known that more than 40% of people use mobile devices to research products and complete their shopping journey. Google has clearly stated that-

  • Users care about the site speed, which can seriously impact your business and sale.
  • Over two years, product review searches via mobile have increased by 35%.

Thus, mobile SEO will keep the old customers satisfied, and it will also help you get more new ones by offering them a better site experience.

Mobile search affects voice search.

Voice search is at the pinnacle, and it has been used with tablets and smartphones, and you will provide your customers with well-optimized content with the help of voice search. You should check your mobile traffic. As the daily traffic increases, you should switch to mobile SEO. Mobile SEO is crucial because-

  • Many people are addicted to smartphones.
  • People are in haste to search quickly. Hence they make use of their phone which is handy.
  • Potential buyers will be more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website.
  • Google is the search engine which prioritized mobile-friendly sites.

Many individuals make use of SEO Perth, which is a site that provides digital marketing services at lucrative costs to their customers.

You can get mobile-friendly websites in three ways via the search engine-

  1. Separate URLs.
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The configuration detects the user’s devices and provides the optimized URL for that specific device. Except for the desktop versions, the users can also enjoy a mobile version of the same site, and this version is known as the ‘m’ configuration for achieving this, separate URLs are served on mobile and desktop versions.

2. Dynamic serving.

The dynamic serving stands for different HTML/CSS versions for both the mobile and desktop and the URL does not change. It means that the servers detect the user device and the corresponding agent presents it. However, this detection can lead to errors.

3. Responsive design.

It is a highly recommended way for the SEO mobile. This works in a way that shows the same HTML code on the same URL. Responsive design means that the code and the content corresponds to the different screen sizes.

Google recommends mobile-friendly websites with responsive web designs

  • The overall traffic on your website and your overall SEO will improve.
  • The load time will improve.

        How to check mobile friendly websites?

Before you make any changes to improve your mobile SEO strategy, you should check if your site is already mobile-friendly. The best part is that you do not have to load each page from your phone to check if the website has mobile SEO optimization.

Google has tools, and it is one of the easiest ways to check for SEO for the mobile sites. You should also paste the URL of the page you want to test and click on ‘test URL’ and you will get the results in almost no time.

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If you use Google Search Console, you will also test your website even simpler. The results will also show you if your website is mobile-friendly and get separate URLs according to their issues.

Optimizing titles and descriptions

Meta descriptions and Meta titles are required for desktop search since they provide information to the search engine and searches about the page and also help in the rankings on Google. 

Technical SEO for mobile websites.

It is important to have an SEO friendly website and you have to take care of all the technical SEO aspects and fix all the existing issues. You should have a general sitemap and it will allow crawling your site more effectively. There are some SEOs and plugins which automatically create site maps. You should also try to secure your website using HTTPS since all the unsecured websites can be flagged. It is a no brainer that no one wants to visit untrusted sites. 

Content hierarchy

For using header tags, you should optimize and highlight the content hierarchy. This way, the search engine will get to know the most important content of the pages and the readers will also enjoy the hierarchy of the content.