What is web hosting?

Web hosting is storage space available on a computer, also called a “server,” connected to the Internet and managed by a web host.

This storage space, made available to professionals and individuals, is used to install websites or other tools (CRM, extranet, intranet, etc.) that must be accessible via the Internet.

There are two main types of Web Hosting in Lahore:

  • Shared hosting: in this case, the storage space used only occupies part of the server
  • The dedicated server: in this case, the storage space occupies the entire server

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most used hosting. We say “shared” because the server on which it is located groups (shares) other accommodations. The total space available on the server is divided between these different accommodations. 

This has advantages but also disadvantages. In terms of benefits, server maintenance costs are also shared. The rates for each accommodation are therefore very affordable.

But the bandwidth (which represents the amount of information that can be transmitted in bits/second) is also shared. So if your website is installed on shared hosting, and one or more other sites are hosted on the same server as you have many visits, you may experience slowdowns.

Finally, of course, it is impossible to manage the characteristics or resources of the server yourself! Instead, the web host works them. His choices than “reflect” on all the accommodations present.

However, in most cases, shared hosting is more than enough to cover the needs of a professional or a structure.

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The dedicated server

A dedicated server is a computer server assigned to a single customer. But above all, the client has remote access to server management. He can thus modify the installed applications and their settings.

If access is not total and the host limits the possibilities of modifications, it is a dedicated “outsourced” or “managed” server.

Cloud servers

Unlike a traditional server, a physical machine, cloud servers are virtual machines created using virtualization software.

It is possible to host several Cloud servers on a physical server.

It is also possible to modify the resources allocated to a Cloud server (storage, processors, RAM) in real-time.

Why should you choose web hosting?

If you create a website to be visible on the Internet, you need a web host to install your sites. With most hosts, you can also buy a domain name and configure it to make your site accessible to everyone via your choice to address. For example, you are reading this article on the site whose domain name is “lalucioledigitale.com.”

Why did we choose web hosting?

We do not offer in this article a comparison between web hosts. Instead, we explain directly to you why we chose the Infomaniak host.

With more than 15 years of experience creating websites, we have worked with many hosts and tested various hosting offers.

We have rented shared hosting, autonomous or managed dedicated servers, from local, national, or international hosts, the best known being OVH.

Throughout the evolution of our services and our services, we have refined our proposals to place the interest of our customers at the center of our concerns.

In this logic, we now help all of our customers to access absolute autonomy by allowing them to gather, on an account in their name, all of their tools:

  • Website (WordPress or other)
  • Domain name
  • Professional mailboxes
  • Work management or organization software
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We have benefited from the following advantages:

  • A straightforward, ergonomic, and efficient management interface
  • The high-end quality of service
  • Offers adapted to different needs and professional profiles
  • A permanent evolution of the services offered
  • Attractive rates
  • Responsive, competent, and involved support

web hosting

Web Hosting in Pakistan is shared hosting, which is ideally suited to the majority of websites. Moreover, it lets you easily install the most used tools, particularly the best-known CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

It’s a turnkey solution that can easily upgrade to a cloud server.

Technically, in addition to the points mentioned above, this accommodation has the following characteristics:

  • An SSD hard drive is faster and more reliable than a conventional hard drive
  • 100 GB storage space (expandable to 500 GB)
  • The ability to host up to 20 websites (expandable to 100 sites)
  • Unlimited domain names
  • Unlimited MySQL databases

The price is 6.90 euros, including monthly tax (i.e., 82.80 euros including tax per year).

web hosting


ease of use, professional-level performance, responsive support, inexpensive and scalable (possibility to migrate in 1 click on a Cloud Server).


the available technologies are defined in advance and are not accessible.

Mail service

Infomaniak currently manages more than 1 million email addresses.

Subscribing to the Mail service gives access to the features of the Infomaniak Workspace. The Workspace is a secure collaborative messaging system offering the following features:

  • Shared address books
  • Shared calendars
  • Task management
  • Centralized access to all of your Infomaniak addresses
  • Managing and sharing bookmarks
  • SMS sending

The Infomaniak messaging system has been designed for professionals. One of the significant advantages is that the storage associated with each address is unlimited, as well as the size of the attachments associated with a message. The other remarkable point is the quality of the integrated antispam, which is quite comparable to that of Google in terms of its efficiency (99.9% of spam is filtered automatically).

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Then, as for the majority of webmails, you will find:

  • Automatic filters and rules
  • Support for aliases
  • A smart answering machine
  • Personalized signatures
  • 1-click redirect
  • Customizable IMAP folders

SSL certificates

An SSL certificate secures data exchanges between the Internet user and your site by encrypting them. A site equipped with an SSL certificate can be identified by the padlock preceding the website address in the browser and by the HTTPS protocol displayed at the beginning of the lesson.

SSL Certificate Padlock Overview

The SSL certificate is all the more important as Google downgrades insecure sites.

Infomaniak offers three types of SSL certificates covering the different possible needs:

  • Let’s Encrypt: The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is generally intended for personal, non-professional, and non-commercial sites. It is free and can be configured in a few clicks on a website from the Infomaniak management interface.
  • DV: the DV SSL certificate, issued by Sectigo, is intended for individuals and professional sites wishing to protect their visitors with a guarantee (up to 10,000 dollars). This certificate is invoiced from 1.35 euros, including tax per month.
  • EV: the EV SSL certificate, also issued by Sectigo, is intended for companies registered in the commercial register. To validate it, verification steps are necessary and reinforce the trust placed on the site by visitors and search engines. This certificate is invoiced from 5.34 euros, including tax per month.

Today, most sites offer a Let’s Encrypt certificate as protection. But if you have a commercial activity and want to professionalize and optimize your SEO, we advise you to opt for a DV or EV certificate.

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