What is XANA Metaverse, and How does it work?

XANA Metaverse

No one could have imagined how blockchains have transformed many traditional operations, systems, and procedures. Cryptocurrencies, for example, have provided new autonomous and secure forms of digital currency. At the same time, blockchain is also spurring the development of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Additionally, many discussions about the Metaverse are lively, with a lot of attention focused on the XANA metaverse and other similar projects. What is XANA? What is the Metaverse everyone talking about?

What is XANA Metaverse?

XANA is a unique metaverse that changes the perception of virtual reality by creating highly interactive virtual worlds with its own realistic digital economy. It allows users to purchase, sell, create and trade digital assets based on Ethereum Blockchain. The XANA Metaverse is transformed into a fully functional virtual world using the proprietary XANA blockchain, NFTs, avatars (3D humanoid models) representing characters in the Metaverse, and a fully integrated NFT marketplace, XANALIA. 

How Can You Earn in This Metaverse?

XANA users can not only buy and sell virtual assets they own but also rent those assets out to other players on the platform. A decentralized marketplace is the highlight of a network where users can buy and sell assets they own. Crypto network interoperability allows users to value assets across platforms. XANA’s decentralized identity system allows anyone on the blockchain to verify user consent through cryptographic signatures quickly. Here we have discussed possible ways of earning money. 

Host Virtual Event 

Users can participate and become influencers of the Metaverse thanks to unusual activities happening within the Metaverse. As a Metaverse celebrity, you have the opportunity to earn income and many other valuable things.

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Create Metaverse Costumes

XANA Metaverse strives to provide a fair playing field for every user, including creators. Like big companies, creators can create virtual clothing/wearable NFTs in the XANA Metaverse. Individual creators can also easily sell their virtual clothing NFTs to others to earn money in the Metaverse. Moreover, these avatar costumes NFTs created within XANA can be sold on other NFT marketplaces operating on different blockchains.

Trading Virtual Assets 

Users may differ in the likelihood of future demand. XANA offers many attractive virtual assets, allowing users to conduct interest trading efficiently. Above all, land trade is the most significant feature of the XANA Metaverse. 

Develop Games

If you have an excellent idea for a game, XANA Metaverse is the perfect platform to make it happen and generate revenue. It allows game developers to make money by creating their Metaverse games. Anyone can build amazing 3D games here. Without knowing how to code, you can easily create games using accessible visual scripting tools in minutes.  

Play a Game 

XANA Metaverse is working on developing play-to-learn games for its users. This will allow users to make money by immersing themselves in these exciting games.

Virtual Art Galleries

In addition to art sales and exhibitions, XANA Metaverse also hosts concerts and other cultural events. Recently, it hosted an art award where worldwide artists submitted their art pieces to be displayed in the XANA art gallery

A Virtual World Based on Blockchain

This platform uses various token types to ensure a circular economy system between all kinds of users. Creators, players, curators, and landowners are getting benefits through it.  

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XETA: This is the native token of XANA Metaverse that users can use as the basis for all the ecosystem’s interactions and transactions.

Land NFT: Within the XANA Metaverse, these are digital blocks of land. Every piece of land is a non-fungible token stored on Ethereum Blockchain. Individuals can purchase land to populate it with assets and games and get interactive experiences. 

Virtual Assets: These are unique tokens created by users who want to generate user-generated content. These virtual assets are tradeable on the marketplace. Once added to the library, builders can bring their desired assets to the world they are developing in Game Maker. 

Summing Up

Some argue that the Metaverse is still in its early stages. Technology continues to evolve with many challenges. However, this does not stop companies from experimenting and investigating the delivery of their content and services on these platforms. It will be a tremendous learning experience that will prepare companies for this platform and provide an opportunity to turn challenges into more excellent future value. Platforms like XANA are looking for ways to become revolutionary that dominate the market or take a big slice of the pie.

By Ammar Babbar

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